A PhD Degree in Social Work

A PhD Degree in Social Work

PhD Degree in Social Work  is not mandatory for those who wish to start practice - social workers only need a special licence and/or an undergraduate degree. However, sometimes a PhD degree in Social Work can be very useful. The main advantage of having a doctoral degree in Social Studies is that doctoral graduates start their career with higher level than those who hold an undergraduate or graduate degree. Graduates holding a PhD degree in Social Work are also welcome as researchers in a variety of scientific and healthcare institutions. Some doctoral graduates start individual consulting practice, and work as psychologists.

PhD and DSW

Currently there are two types of doctoral degree in Social Work - PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) and DSW (Doctor of Social Work). The main difference between these two types is that PhD is rather research degree, and DSW - rather practical. However, this difference can be variable and the actual curriculum depends on the particular study programs in chosen institutions.

Study programs

Some of the PhD study programs in Social Work can be found on our website, for example, PhD Human Services (Clinical Social Work) in Walden University, USA, PhD Professional Doctorate in Social Work (DSW), University of Dundee, UK, or PhD Health Sciences and Social Work in University of Portsmouth, UK. Some of PhD programs in Social Work are available online.

All candidates applying for a PhD degree in Social Work need to hold a Masters degree in the relevant area and sometimes work experience in social field.




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