Tuition fees in Poland

Studies in Polish language (both graduate and undergraduate) are free for EU/EEA students as well as for those who have a Polish Charter (Karta Polaka). All other foreigners have to pay tuition fees which could vary among different universities and programs.

The average fee for undergraduate and Master programs is between 2000 and 4000 euro per year. Doctoral programs may cost around 3000-4000 euro per year. MBA and medical programs may be much more expensive (about 10000-12000 euro per year). For example, BA program in International Relations in Warsaw University costs 3000 euro per year + a one-off cost of 200 euro. The fee for MA degree is also 3000 euro per year, while PhD program's fee is as high as 4000 euro. Master program in English Philology in the same university costs 2500 euro per month and is free of charges for EU students. The same programs in Polish are free for all students from the European Union. Prospective students should also remember about health insurance, accommodation and other living costs. Students form the UK, Sweden and Slovakia do not need to pay for medical care due to bilateral agreements between these countries and Poland.

However, it is always possible to find a scholarship, which cover the cost of your studies and may even provide you a modest monthly stipend. Various scholarships are provided by governments, universities and even private companies. In general, the higher the level of your studies, the easier to obtain a scholarship – for example, universities are more generous in providing scholarships for PhD students.

Living costs in Poland are not very high by European standards. Average living cost for student is between 350 and 550 euro per month. Of course, big cities are more expensive than small ones, but even Warsaw is cheap comparing to other European capitals. Polish universities usually provide accommodation in their dormitories for international students, which might be cheaper that renting a flat in the city. However, the number of places in these dormitories are limited.



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