Cultural Geography

Cultural Geography is one of the branches of Human Geography, which aim is studying different cultures and nations in a context of environment in which they exist. Landscape define nation which lives there, but nation also changes landscape. This relationship between nation and landscape is the main subject of Cultural Geography.

Cultural Geography is deeply connected with social disciplines such as Anthropology, Sociology and History, and it is often taught along with these disciplines.

The main topic of Cultural geography in the modern world is globalization. Globalization is free movement of the material goods and cultural elements. Cultural Geography studies the mechanism of globalization and its influence to the separated cultures.

Other topics of Cultural Geography are: westernization (influence of western culture to other cultures and nations),  islamization (influence of Islamic world), cultural assimilation, immigration, emigration, cultural landscapes (territory changed for need of particular cultural group), colonialism and postcolonialism. Modern Cultural Geography also includes such branches as feminist geography, tourism geography, music geography and many others.

Study programs in Cultural Geography

If you wish to study Cultural Geography, you can find several study programs by using our website, for example,  MA Social and Cultural Geography in University of Leeds, UK,   MA Cultural Geography in University of London, UK, or MA Cultural Geography in University of Groningen, Netherlands. Use Search button to find more study programs in Cultural Geography.

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