Nutrition Science

Nutrition Science is one of the medical sub-disciplines, which studies food issues of healthy and sick people. The main task of nutrition science is to ensure food safety. In the modern world, many people eat badly - this is related to the inability to buy healthy food, sedentary lifestyle, harmful eating habits, and eating behavior diseases (for example, anorexia). Improper diet adversely affects the gene pool of the nation - nowadays more and more people are obese. These issues are solved by nutrition science specialists.

Doctors-nutritionists make up individual nutrition programs, by taking into account the patients’ lifestyle, health status, habits, hereditary factors. Dietary nutrition is a kind of alternative to medicines and medical activities.

Career options for Nutrition Science graduates

Graduates holding a degree in Nutrition Science can apply for a job in many areas related to Medicine and Food production, such as Food Management or Food Industry. They can also start clinical practice in hospitals or healthcare centers. A career path in Public Health Department is also available. Many graduates continue their education and participate in research activities in Nutrition.

Study programs

Several study programs in Nutrition Science can be found by using our website, for example, Food Innovation and Health in Copenhagen University, Denmark, or  Clinical Nutrition and Health in Glasgow Caledonian University, UK. Find a suitable study program by using the Search button.

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