Water Management

Water Management is one of the branches of Hydrology studies, which aim is controlling and developing the process of water using and restoration of water resources. Unfortunately, the percent of  drinkable freshwater on Earth is extremely small so scientists working in Water Management field face a very important issue - delivery of drinking water to those regions of the globe that do not have a direct access to it. The other issues water managements scientists working at are: transformation of saltwater into freshwater, distribution of fresh water in agriculture, supply of cold and hot water in cities and other settlements.

Water Management degree

A degree in Water Management usually combines academic research and practice. Students receive a strong background in Hydrology, Geography, and Earth Sciences. It often includes an internship, a fieldwork or even a year abroad.

Career options for Water Management graduates

Graduates holding a high level degree in Water Management can start a scientific or consulting career, and work for government or private water control organizations. Graduates can also become policy advisors in the water management field.

Study programs

Several study programs in Water Management and related disciplines can be found on our website, for example, MA DDM Water and Coastal Management in University of Groningen, Netherlands,  MA Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources  Management in National University of Singapore, Singapore, or MA Water Science and Management in Utrecht University, Netherlands. Some more study programs in Water Management can be found on our website.

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