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Join our Animation MA online info session on Thursday, 19 January 2023 at 15:00 EET (local Tallinn time). More info and registration:

The Department of Animation was established at the Estonian Academy of Arts in 2006 and since 2007 it has offered a two-year international Animation MA programme. The main goal of the programme is to successfully educate creators of animated films, providing them with theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The further aim is to contribute to the global development of animation as an art form.

Animation is a thriving medium and developing at a greater pace than ever before. It has become part of mass culture, as well as one of its principal forms. Animation can be seen in digital screen graphics, computer games, music videos, films, etc.

As our master students come from very different parts of the world and have different educational backgrounds we try to encourage their individual approach to filmmaking. The films vary from narrative to more experimental. Most of the works are executed in traditional 2D or stop motion techniques. Recently we have started to offer more thorough CGI courses as well. We invite several well-known animation artists to give workshops where they offer their inspiration and different approaches to animation.

Upon completion of the MA in Animation programme, students have acquired in-depth theoretical and practical animation skills. The students can specialise in specific animation techniques and create individual projects in the appropriate technique. After graduation, the students are qualified to realise themselves as animated film creators, professionals in creative industries or teachers in their field. Students who have completed the Master's programme are also qualified to continue their studies and pursue a doctoral degree.

EKA animation students have won over 150 awards for their films, take a look at the selection of works in our Vimeo channel:

This is an international programme and instruction is conducted in English. The studies are conducted as lectures, seminars and master classes, as well as individual and tutorial classes. Generally, tutorial classes make up 60% to 70% of the curriculum. Other classes are divided between practical and independent work. Studies are conducted in cooperation with almost all the schools of higher education in Tallinn, Estonia. The students actively participate in lectures at the Baltic Film and Media School (BFM) and Tallinn University. Cooperation also takes place with the Estonian Animation Union and Estonia’s larger studios. The programme’s instructors and lecturers are active artists and specialists whose work is regularly presented at international events.

Courses taught

  • Philosophy
  • Ethics and aesthetics
  • Film theory
  • Film history
  • Animation history
  • Animation technique
  • Creativity
  • Film production
  • Film industry
  • Animation projects 1 and 2

Admission requirements:

The tuition fee for the programme is 2800 euros per year (for citizens of EU, UK, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein; Turkey, Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova and Switzerland); 3600 euros per year (for citizens of non EU countries).

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