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With various exciting majors to choose from and the freedom to unite any 2, Griffith University's Bachelor of Arts gives you the power to make your very own special skill set and prepare for the livelihood of the future.Whether you're seeking a career inmanagement, leadership, journalism, and public relations, policymaking, researchand analysis, writing and research or communications, this degree can help youachieve your goals.You have the option to create specialist expertise in contemporary areas likesecurity research, and Islam-West relations or politics and global studies, or even pursue a specialist path by analyzing journalism, public relations or creative writing. You might also study more traditional fields includingsociology, history or literary studies.The Griffith Bachelor of Arts is an innovative program that offers a mix of traditional and emerging analysis areas pertinent to an ever-changing global environment.You will add the understanding, insight and skills to get and communicate creative methods to contemporary struggles. You will also develop complex writing and presentation skills, as well as research and project management skills. And being a graduate, you will be armed with comprehensive understanding regarding states, cultures and societies, past and present.In your final year, you'll have the chance to complete an internship or even work-based project, which will make certain you graduate with the technical skills companies want.MajorsYou can select any two of the following Groups:Creative WritingCriminal JusticeDramaHistoryIndigenous StudiesIslam-West RelationsJournalismLanguage at Society (offered at Nathan only)Languages (including Chinese, Chinese, Japanese, Modern Greek* and Spanish)Literary StudiesPolitics along with InternationalStudiesPublic RelationsScreen StudiesSecurity StudiesSociology* Offered online via cross-institutional analysis with Flinders University, South Australia.

Griffith University grants credit and recognition of prior learning that might relate solely with prior formal education or prior informal and non-formal learning. To learn more, please see the following internet site: Charge transferGriffith's advanced Credit Precedent Database allows you to learn which credit conclusions are made previously. These precedents will give you an idea of exactly what you can expect. Ngpc=1016&-SortField=Linked%20Institution%20Name&-noresultserror=error.html&-search View credit precedents with this app

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