Dental Technology

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StudyQA ranking:83 Duration:3 years

This level is ideal for students who prefer to work behind the scenescreating and fabricating crowns, dentures, bridges and orthodontic appliancesbut perhaps not matching the final denture or appliance to the patient.It suits students who like dealing with theirhands, will listen to detail and also prefer never to work with thepatient.Dental Technologists(or Dental Technicians as they are frequently called ) are tremendously skilledmembers of the dental team. They unite science and art skills to constructcustom-made dental apparatus to restore, restore and fix defects that mayaffect our facial appearance and also the capacity to utilize our teeth properly.As an undergraduatestudent, you also will learn and work alongside Dentistry students in our state ofthe art dental clinics and laboratories located in exactly the exact same construction. Ourstudents enjoy dealing with nostalgic gear including CAD CAM (Computer Aided Design/Manufacturing) facilities.You will even expandyour hands on experience dealing with enrolled and professional Dental Techniciansin our commercial laboratory and through professional training placements.Honours is available via an additional year of analysis.

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