Doctoral Programme in Business

Study mode:On campus Study type:Full-time Languages: English
Foreign:$ 4.45 k / Year(s) Deadline: Jun 20, 2025
801–1000 place StudyQA ranking:2882 Duration:36 months



Why FELU's Doctoral Programme in Business and Economics?

* Comparable to the best Doctoral Programme in the EU in terms of structure and organisation.
* Designed for those wanting to perfect their skills with the latest scientific knowledge and deepen their understanding of the field qualitative and quantitative analysis and analytical tools.
* Takes into account the specifications of PhDs - small groups of students, thorough fundamental knowledge, and a variety of specialisation.
* Good employment opportunities in the international environment.
* Career opportunities in research, education, consultancy and business.
* Allows students to work closely with mentors and other students and faculty within their areas of specialisation.
* Allows students to become actively involved with renowned academic institutions. The Faculty of Economics of the University of Ljubljana is a member of the European Doctoral Programmes Association in Management and Business Administration (EDAMBA) and a member of the Central and South-East European PhD Network (CESEENET).

BUSINESS TRACK Majors: Management and Organisation, Marketing, Financial Management, Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Tourism, International Business, Information Management, Operations Research and Business Logistics

The Doctoral Program in Economics and Business at Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana represents a complete third-cycle (doctoral) academic program. The program is accessible to all students that have completed at least a second-cycle (masters) program at a faculty in Slovenia or university abroad; the entrance requirements depend on the second-cycle area of study and the quality of the institution.

The programme lasts for three years, encompasses 180 ECTS credits (60 ECTS credits of organized instruction), and includes writing a doctoral dissertation (120 ECTS credits). It is offered for full-time and part-time students. The academic programme builds on basic knowledge, expanding it in a chosen direction and beyond into the research that is included in the doctoral dissertation. The final goal of PhD programme at FELU is doctoral candidates with prominent research backgrounds, with outstanding internationally validated research, and with the ability to do quality independent research. Taking into consideration the needs of research institutions, companies, and state agencies active in economics and business, the doctoral programme will make it possible to engage in basic or applied research. Those that choose basic research will be capable of carrying out the most demanding research through research institutions, appropriate state agencies and institutions (e.g., the European Commission, ministries, offices, central banks, etc.), variousinternational institutions (e.g., the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, WHO, EBRD, etc.), and large international corporations. Students with an applied research orientation will primarily be able to conduct the most demanding research in business, state administration, and the non-profit sector, and they will also be very sought after by institutions with an applied research orientation.

The programme consistently takes into account the special features of doctoral programs: a small group of students and in particular a small number for individual majors. In order to achieve these goals while taking into account financial limitations, the programme is designed so that the teaching of individual subjects, seminars, or workshops for the majors is held either at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Ljubljana or at one of its partner institutions as part of the international network of doctoral programs.



Philosophy and development of economics and business studies

Mathematics for business

Research methods

Qualitative and quantitative research methods (Business track)

Two (each at 9 ECTS) to three (each at 6 ECTS) seminars that will cover the broader and more focused areas of theoretical and empirical research for an individual major.

Participation through presentations at academic conferences, research workshops, doctoral seminars, and scholarly seminars

Other educational components

Doctoral dissertation

The structure of the program requirements is designed so that in the first year three subjects are mandatory for all majors. In the first year also two track methodology subjects are mandatory for students in individual tracks (one for the economics track and one for the business track).

In the second year there are elective major seminars totalling at 18 ECTS credits. In the third year, students fulfil their remaining requirements for organized instruction, mainly in form of research seminars, conference participation, etc. totalling at 12 ECTS credits.

The doctoral dissertation is possible in one of two forms. A doctoral dissertation as a collection of published articles, articles accepted for publication, and published material is a collection of scholarly material in a particular area to which an introduction and conclusion are provided. A doctoral dissertation in the form of a monograph is a broad, comprehensive, and in-depth treatment of particular issues in the field.


The programme is open to anyone who has completed:

* graduate study programme;
* study programme for university education (adopted prior to June 11, 2004);
* study programme for specialisation and professional programme (if completed academic requirement set by the programme of 36 ECTS);
* Master's Degree Programme or study programme for specialisation and university education (upon entering the programme, students are awarded 60 ECTS credits pursuant to the regulations);
* study programme regulated by EU directives, or any other uniform Master's Degree Programme with an equivalent of 300 ECTS.


The following scholarship opportunities for studying at the FELU's Doctoral Programme in Economics and Businessare available:

In addition, every June the Slovenian Research Agency publishes tender for Young Researchers. If interested please follow this link:



The Faculty of Economics and its programmes have been awarded the AACSB and EQUIS international business schools accreditations, which put our school among 47 top business schools in Europe.

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