East Asian and Pacific Rim Studies

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The Master of Arts in East Asian and Pacific Rim Studies is a 12-course, multidisciplinary degree program designed for current and future professionals who require an in-depth understanding of this pivotal engine of the world political economy. The curriculum is intended to equip students with the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to conduct research and interpret developments in the Pacific Rim, as well as develop a foundation in an East Asian language. The program is highlighted by practical hands-on training. As a capstone experience, students complete an overseas internship.

The program prepares students with the crucial background needed for a successful career in this emerging region, whether in business, government or academia. Students may choose from four area concentrations. Students develop an understanding of the political, economic and social issues of East Asia as well as an understanding of the role that language and culture play in its growing political economy.
Students accepted into the program may choose one of four concentrations:
  • Negotiation and Diplomacy
  • International Political Economy and Development
  • Global Management
  • Global Communication

Overseas Internship

Domestic students are required to spend a minimum of two months in an overseas internship in the Asia Pacific region. International students who demonstrate competency in an Asian world language as well as English have the choice of pursuing their internship in the United States or overseas. All courses are offered in a convenient evening format, and the program can be completed in two years with the internship being done either in two straight months or during one month during each of two years.
The main goal of the internship is to provide students with an immersion experience, which will focus on the language, culture and professional protocols and practices in professional settings. Because of the challenging nature of East Asian languages, one of the most important dimensions of this internship will be exposure to and use of the language that they have studied.
The internship serves as the venue in which the student will find himself or herself in a working or academic environment where the language, which he or she has studied will be the main means of communication. Students will submit a report at the conclusion of their study on their experience. The internship also provides the context and experience for further reflection upon the East-West exchange and all of its dimensions.

East Asian and Pacific Rim Studies Program requires a minimum of 36 credit hours.

Core Competencies (6 semester hours): Required for all program tracks.

  • GLDP/EPRS 501 Research Methods 3
  • GLDP/EPRS 522 Conflict Analysis and Resolution 3

Regional and Cultural Competencies (9 semester hours)

  • GLDP/EPRS 528 Sociopolitical Implications of the World's Religions 3
  • EPRS 530 Pacific Rim Culture and Development 3
  • EPRS 542 Political and Economic Integration of the Pacific Rim 3

Capstone Core Courses (9 semester hours)

  • EPRS 590 Internship
  • EPRS 598 Tutorial*
  • EPRS 599 Thesis

*The Tutorial includes comprehensive oral and written exams.


A: Negotiation and Diplomacy(12 semester hours)

  • GMCS/EPRS 551 Political Communication and Governance 3
  • EPRS 563 The Culture of Diplomacy--East Asia and the West 3
  • GLDP 580 Advanced Diplomacy 3
  • One course in concentration B, C or D 3

East Asian and Pacific Rim Studies Program requires a minimum of 36 credit hours.

B: International Political Economy and Development (12 semester hours)

  • GLDP/EPRS 560 Sustainable Development 3
  • EPRS 525 Models of Good Governance in the Asia-Pacific Region 3
  • EPRS 563 Business and Diplomacy--East Asia vs. the West 3
  • One Course in one Concentration A, C or D 3

*In certain cases, other International Political Economy and Development courses may be substituted following approval from the Program Chair.

C: Global Management (12 semester hours)

  • GSB 580/MGMT 523 Leadership, Teams and Managing Change 3
  • GSB 539 International Issues 3
  • GSB 541/MKTG 550 Global Market Management * 3
  • One Course in Concentration A, B or D 3

*In certain cases, other business courses in areas such as International Finance may be substituted following approval from the Program Chair.

A bachelor’s degree , or its equivalent , from an accredited university or recognized international institution Recommended cumulative undergraduate grade point average of 3.2 or higher Two years of college level Asian lan guage coursework or the equivalent ( must be completed by the end of the program) Ability to travel internationally to complete an overseas internship
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