International Affairs

Study mode:On campus Study type:Full-time Languages: English
Foreign:$ 30 k / Year(s) Deadline: Jan 1, 2024
38 place StudyQA ranking:797 Duration:4 years You need IELTS certificate

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The Bachelor of Science in International Affairs (BS INTA) program includes instruction in international affairs, foreign languages, ethics and philosophy, social and natural sciences, and computer science. Upper-division coursework provides training in four substantive areas:

  • technology, and scientific analysis, and ethics;
  • international security and diplomacy;
  • comparative politics, cultures, and societies; and
  • international political economy.

Graduates of the BS INTA program are prepared for advanced graduate and professional study and are ready for employment in internationally oriented firms, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations.

International Affairs majors are expected to enhance their education through participation in the International Plan, study abroad programs, internships, and a host of on- and off-campus programs. In addition to the numerous opportunities afforded through Georgia Tech's Office of International Education, the Sam Nunn School sponsors rigorous summer study abroad programs in the European Union (Brussels), East Asia (China, Japan, Taiwan), South Asia (Cambodia, Singapore, Thailand), Latin America (Argentina and Brazil), and Iberia (Portugal and Spain). Recognizing the importance of professional experience in enhancing a student's education, the Sam Nunn School encourages majors to pursue an internship or participate in the Cooperative Plan in their field of interest. In addition, students are strongly encouraged to get involved in a range of extracurricular activities, including Model United Nations; AIESEC; Sigma Iota Rho (the International Affairs honor society); the Center for International Strategy, Technology, and Policy; the International Affairs Student Organization; and student conferences. Students are actively involved in the guest lecture series and participate in the biennial Sam Nunn/Bank of America Policy Forum.

APPH 1040 Sci Foundation of Health 2
or APPH 1050 Sci of Phys Act & Health
Core A - Essential Skills  
ENGL 1101 English Composition I 3
ENGL 1102 English Composition II 3
MATH 1712 Survey of Calculus 4
or MATH 1552 Integral Calculus
Core B - Institutional Options  
CS 1315 Intro Media Computation 3
Core C - Humanities  
Modern Languages 2 6
Core D - Science, Math, & Technology  
Lab Science 4
Lab Science 4
MATH 1711 Finite Mathematics 4
or MATH 1551
& MATH 1553
Differential Calculus
and Intro to Linear Algebra
Core E - Social Sciences  
Select one of the following: 3

HIST 2111

United States to 1877  

HIST 2112

United States since 1877  

INTA 1200

American Government  

POL 1101

Government of the U.S.  

PUBP 3000

US Constitutional Issues  
Select one of the following: 3

ECON 2100

Economics and Policy  

ECON 2101

The Global Economy  

ECON 2105

Prin of Macroeconomics  

ECON 2106

Prin of Microeconomics  
Select one of the following: 3

HTS 1031

Europe Since Renaissance  

HTS 2036

Revolutionary Europe  

HTS 2037

20th Century Europe  

HTS 2040

Hist Islamic Societies  

HTS 2041

Hist-Modern Middle East  

HTS 2061

Traditional Asia  

HTS 2062

Asia in the Modern World  

HTS 3028

Ancient Greece  

HTS 3029

Ancient Rome  

HTS 3030

Medieval Europe  

HTS 3031

European Labor History  

HTS 3032

Europe Intellectual Hist  

HTS 3033

Medieval England  

HTS 3035

Britain 1815-1914  

HTS 3036

Britain Since 1914  

HTS 3038

French Revolution  

HTS 3039

Modern France  

HTS 3041

Modern Spain  

HTS 3043

Modern Germany  

HTS 3045

Nazi Germany-Holocaust  

HTS 3046

Sci Pol Culture Nazi Ger  

HTS 3051

Women&Gender-Middle East  

HTS 3061

Modern China  

HTS 3062

Modern Japan  

HTS 3063

British Colonization  

HTS 3065

Hist Global Societies  

HTS 3067

Revolutionary Movement  

HTS 3069

Modern Cuba  
INTA 1110 Intro to Int'l Relations 2 3
Core F - Courses Related to Major  
INTA 2010 Empirical Methods 2 3
INTA 2040 Sci,Tech & Int'l Affairs 2 3
Select nine hours of INTA electives: 2 9
INTA 1000/2000 level electives    
Select one of the following: 4 3

AE 1770

Intro to Engr Graphics  

BC 3630

Project Management I  

BMED 2400

Intro-Bioengr Stats  

CEE 1770

Intro to Engr Graphics  

CHBE 2120

ChE Numerical Mthods  

CP 4510

Geographic Info Sys  

CS 1301

Intro to Computing  

CS 1315

Intro Media Computation  

CS 1316

Rep Structure & Behavior  

CS 1331

Intro-Object Orient Prog  

CS 1332

Data Struct & Algorithms  

CS 4235

Intro to Info Security  

EAS 4430

Remote Sensing&Data Anly  

EAS 4610

Earth System Modeling  

ECE 2030

Intro to Computer Engr  

ID 3103

Indust Dsgn Computing I  

ID 4103

Alias Studio I  

LMC 3402

Graphic & Visual Design  

LMC 3410

Non-Linear Documents  

ME 1770

Intro to Engr Graphics  

ME 2016

Computing Techniques  

MGT 2200

Information Technology  

MGT 4051

Decision Supp&Expert Sys  

MGT 4052

Systems Analysis& Design  

MGT 4058

Database Management  

MUSI 4630

Music Recording & Mixing  

PHYS 3266

Computational Physics  
Major Requirements  
INTA 2001 Careers In Intl Affairs 1
INTA 3110 U.S. Foreign Policy 2 3
INTA 3203 Comparative Politics 2 3
INTA 3301 Int'l Political Econ 2 3
INTA 4500 INTA Pro-Seminar 2 3
Additional INTA Electives  
INTA Electives 3/4000 level 2 12
Modern Languages 1 6
Non-Major Cluster  
Non-Major Cluster 3 15
Free Electives  
Free Electives 13
Total Credit Hours 122

Students must complete twelve credit hours of the same language. Six credit hours are counted in Humanities, and six in major requirements.


 Minimum grade of C required.


15 credits required in either the same prefix or part of a coherent theme. Please consult with advisor on course selection.


Technical elective.


  • The non-refundable freshman application fee is $75 (international applicants: $85). Students who pay an application fee but do not submit an application will not have their fee refunded.
  • Included with the Common Application and Georgia Tech Questions is one long essay and two short answer essays. The purpose of the essays is to assess your writing ability and, more importantly, to learn more about you as an individual. This portion of the application helps us get to know you, assess mutual fit and better understand what you could contribute to Georgia Tech.
  • TOEFL or IELTS scores
  • We will only accept one (1) recommendation from your counselor and one (1) from the teacher of your choice. Any additional recommendations will not be considered with your application.
  • Interview
  • The GPA we consider is the one taken directly from your high school transcript. We will use a 100 point GPA, if available, and weighted, if available. If not, we’re happy to consider a 4.0 GPA or similar and/or unweighted GPA.
  • If your high school does not provide a GPA or you have attended multiple high schools, we will recalculate a weighted 4.0 GPA (0.5 points added for AP, IB, Dual Enrollment & AICE courses) using core courses only.
  • To help us better understand your high school and its curriculum, your counselor will submit a School Report form and/or School Profile with your transcript.
  • The University System of Georgia requires minimum academic courses of all first time students, though most applicants exceed those in at least one area. USG requirements include:
    • English - 4 Units
    • Math - 4 Units
    • Science - 4 Units
    • Social Science - 3 Units
    • Foreign Language - 2 Units


  • President's Scholarship Program
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