International Business Studies

Study mode:On campus Study type:Full-time Languages: English
Local:$ 397 / Semester(s)  
StudyQA ranking:5354 Duration:24 months

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It is nowadays a truism that accelerating globalisation makes the world of international business a demanding and challenging place. Yet it is important to remember that change has always been part of the way we live our lives. Historically, people who have been the most successful at handling change have been those who have engaged in higher education at some point in their lives.

Successful people are generally those who have an attitude of not just adapting to changing circumstances, but who anticipate the direction of change and who can thrive in dynamic environments.

By studying international business at FH Kufstein you can be assured that you will receive a truly modern higher education in business that will help you succeed.

This comprehensive new master's degree, with its international orientation, allows students to choose from one of two specialisations, whilst simultaneously offering a wide range of electives.

Language of instruction: 100% English

Two Specialisations

The specialisations are in marketing/management and finance. The marketing/management option is designed to provide a sound management education in the broad area of marketing. A thorough understanding of services marketing, consumer marketing, consumer behaviour, social marketing and social psychology is integral to the marketing management specialisation.

The finance option, which is built upon a comprehensive economics base, includes study in the areas of corporate finance, multinational business finance, behavioural finance as well as the economics of uncertainty.

Lectures in English

Given that English is the language of international commerce, all lectures are conducted in English. Moreover, social skills are fundamental to successful business operations in an international environment. Students are given the opportunity to deepen their communication and negotiation abilities, whilst simultaneously gaining important insights into team development and conflict management. Graduates have the ability to think systematically.

Course Highlights

  • International program in finance and marketing, strategic management
  • Broadly based degree that develops management capability and talents in an international setting
  • Wide range of electives ensures freedom of choice
  • You are well prepared for an international career

Major fields of study

  • 34% Core
  • 32% Core Finance or Marketing
  • 20% Electives
  • 14% Practical Transfer

Students studying international business are given a rigorous training in such areas as economics, research methods, management, marketing, finance, accounting, area studies and foreign languages. These form the basis of skills acquisition so necessary in international business. Thus, graduates from the program are effective communicators, are highly information literate, are able to analyse, evaluate and solve problems, as well as being creative and innovative. Moreover, such people understand the imperative for ethical behaviour and to be responsible corporate citizens.

Job Opportunities

  • Strategic Finance Management
  • Independent Entrepreneurship
  • CFO of International Companies
  • Banking/Investment Houses
  • Strategic Marketing Management
  • Business and Market Development
  • Strategic Product Marketing
  • Integrated Corporate Communication
  • Organizational Consulting
  • Market Research
  • Marketing and Communication Consulting
  • Non-profit Sector
  • Management of SMEs

Graduation requirements

Positive completion of the 120 ECTS credits in the master’s degree program within the 4 semester length of the degree program.

The Diploma Thesis is written in the 4th semester.

It is necessary that each semester is passed with degrees from excellent to sufficient . An International week is compulsary.

The final examination for the bachelor’s degree programme consists of a committee examination before an examination board.

Completion of a specialized Bachelors degree or degree course (technical college or university) or equivalent post-secondary degreePractical work experienceGood English skills (C1)

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