Lasers in Dentistry

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In cooperation with the Aachen Dental Laser Center (AALZ) the RWTH International Academy offers the postgraduate programme "Master of Science in Lasers in Dentistry". The course offers dentists the opportunity to become highly qualified specialists in the area of laser therapy.

This programme is recognised and accredited in Germany and the European Union, as well all countries that are signatories of the "Washington Accord".

The two-year, executive master programme "Lasers in Dentistry" comprises ten individual, self-contained modules. The programme goal is specialisation of dental practitioners to experts in laser therapy.

This postgraduate, executive education course combines lectures, skill training sessions, live OPs, tutorials and practical workshops. Additionally, the study course is rounded off with extensive literature research, homework and laboratory work, patient treatment and documentation as well as practical experiments.

Under the intensive supervision of post-doctorate employees, participants are introduced to successful and correct practical applications of lasers.

This qualification innovatively links the disciplines of life-science, medicine and natural sciences. Research and teaching meet the highest quality standards and are provided in close interdisciplinary cooperation between dentistry and physics.

With intensive care research assistant, participants are trained on the successful and proper application of the laser in their practice. The final guaranteed an innovative step interdisciplinary links of life science, medicine and natural sciences. We offer research and teaching at the highest level of quality and a close interdisciplinary cooperation between dentistry and physics.

What you can expect?

* Use of different laser systems from leading manufactures, covering all wavelenghts, in skill training and practical sessions. Practical instructions on laser handling and their subsequent practical use.
* Live operations on patients via direct monitor transfer.
* Provision of all necessary organic materials and laser-suitable safety goggles for independent practice with lasers.
* Carefully documented working materials serve as a sound reference for everyday practice.
* Distribution of specialist literature allows immersion in the subject and supplements your personal technical library.
* Training to become a certified Laser Safety Officer is part of the course.
* Certificates with ECTS credit points issued for each successfully completed module.
* Convenient learning evironment in our own state-of-the-art seminar rooms.
* Link-up to the scientific community: Participants attend international scientific congresses and are encouraged to publish in scientific journals.
* Legalization (Apostille) of the Master Degree certificates for application abroad.

The Master course is aimed at practicing dentists who wish to qualify in addition to the profession for specialists in laser dentistry. For admission to the study, the approval is as a dentist, as well as providing a minimum of two years dental activity in clinical practice or operation. Since the master's degree program is offered in English language, proof of English language proficiency is required (TOEFL, IELTS or Cambridge test).


This programme is recognised and accredited in Germany and the European Union, as well all countries that are signatories of the "Washington Accord".

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