Management and Engineering in Water

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Water management systems are fundamental to society through the supply of safe drinking water, the treatment of waste water, flood and coastal protection, and through the social and ecological roles of water management. Significant resources are invested to ensure that complex water systems meet the levels of service and the performance requirements defined by increasing social and environmental requirements, whilst minimising financial, environmental, and social costs. The continued development, operation and management of these systems requires highly trained experts with knowledge and practical skills that cover science, engineering, and management disciplines. This MSc programme provides the educational base and professional foundation for water specialists who aim to stand out for their ability to integrate scientific principles, engineering knowledge and management techniques for innovative problem solving.
The programme Master of Science Management and Engineering in Water combines the wide range of applied science, engineering and management disciplines represented in water management.
The main objective of the course is to offer further expertise in the water management sector by providing a balance of technical, theoretical and practical knowledge in fields like environmental analysis, water supply, pipe construction, operation and maintenance, wastewater treatment, groundwater management, water governance, water and energy, flood and coast protection, change management (climate, demographic, urbanisation).

Educational organisation

The "Master of Science in Management and Engineering in Water" (MME-Water) is an interdisciplinary programme conducted by two European universities well-reputed in their specific fields. These universities are the German RWTH Aachen University and the Dutch Maastricht School of Management, a university with a worldwide reputation for its programmes in business and management teaching.
The programme comprises two semesters of lectures, exercises and practical courses in engineering at the RWTH Aachen University along with an eighteen-week management training at the Maastricht School of Management (MSM) in the Netherlands:
  • The engineering part focuses on the topics of water management, water resources and related subjects. It provides in-depth knowledge and understanding in these fields.
  • During the management training at MSM, students are trained in small-groups to solve problems related to global transformation and sustainable competitiveness, organisation development, and international project management. In addition, the RWTH School of Business and Economics contributes three management modules during the first year in Aachen.
The final Master's thesis is an independent, pre-defined scientific project to be completed in a fixed period of four months and can be written either at the RWTH Aachen University or the Maastricht School of Management. The Master's thesis is generally concluded by an oral presentation.

Study abroad unit(s)

The students spend the third semester at MSM Maastricht School of Management in the Netherlands. (The travel distance from Aachen is around 45 minutes.)

Forms of assessment

Written and/or oral examinations

Course objectives

The specialisation in Water Engineering & Management focuses on the behaviour and management of water systems (e.g. rivers and lakes, ground water, or coastal and marine areas) and gives you an understanding of the physical and socio-economic aspects of water management.
On the one hand, you will become familiar with a variety of tools for analysing long-term behaviour and for evaluating the impact of human interventions on various functions of different water systems. On the other hand, the specialisation also looks at the management and decision-making process.

Language requirements

A certified proof of English language competence through the completion of one of the accepted examinations listed below is necessary:
  • TOEFL internet-based: minimum of 90 pts/paper-based: minimum of 577 pts
  • IELTS test minimum overall band 5.5 pts
  • Cambridge Test - Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)
  • First Certificate in English (FCE), completed with B

Academic requirements

  • Bachelor's degree in engineering or science related to your envisioned study programme awarded by an internationally recognised university-level institution
  • very good performance in your undergraduate studies

Enrolment fees

All students are currently subject to a student service fee of approx. 230 EUR per semester.

Costs of living

The average cost of living and studying, including food, accommodation, personal and social expenses, and study-related costs, is estimated to be 700-900 EUR per month.

Job opportunities

International students may take up work in the private sector during the semester or the semester break for up to three months without a work permit. Students thus may take up full time work for 90 days or part-time positions (up to 4 hours per day) for 180 days. This regulation is also stated on the residence permit. During the semester, students are allowed to take up jobs with working hours of up to 19 hours a week. During the semester break, students may work full-time, but only for a maximum of 13 consecutive weeks.
Student assistants are more flexible regarding working hours as the 90/180 full and part-time regulations do not apply. As a student assistant, you are allowed to work for up to 19 hours per week throughout the year.

Funding opportunities within the university

A limited number of scholarships from various organisations is available to help students finance their studies. Please see the following website for a list of exchange programmes, scholarships, and grants, together with their specific application requirements and conditions, and/or contact the International Office directly for advice and assistance.

Arrival support

The International Office's Info Service Center provides information and services for international students and visiting scientists at RWTH Aachen University upon their arrival in Aachen. RWTH Aachen University considers the integration of international visiting scientists and students an important task. In order to reach this goal, the university offers the following assistance for international students and scientists:
  • accommodation information
  • assisting students during admission procedures
  • registering your address with local authorities
  • opening a bank account
  • insurance matters
  • locating pertinent university and city offices
  • tips for finding a job in Aachen

These services are offered to students during the orientation phase at the beginning of each semester. The Info Service Center offers a social programme called "Leisure and Pleasure" and publishes a monthly newsletter for international students and scientists.

Services and support for international students

RWTH International Academy's Team for International Student Programmes
One unit of the RWTH International Academy is specialised on organising international programmes in the field of engineering - Master's programmes and summer schools. The experienced and motivated team takes care of all organisational and administrative matters, and moreover offers an intensive supporting programme for international students to ensure an excellent working environment. Among others, the following services are offered:

Orientation in the first semester
  • orientation Meeting
  • getting to know the campus and the city
  • senior mentoring programme
  • intercultural training
  • workshop on how to apply for a "Hiwi job"
  • German language course before the semester starts
  • welcome day

  • mentoring programme and study planning support
  • group meetings to discuss organisational issues
  • social and cultural events
  • excursions and field trips
  • career events and application training
  • daily consultation hours to support any kind of individual issues


The staff of the RWTH Aachen International Academy offers support in finding accommodation either in a student residence or in a private apartment.
RWTH Aachen University has a limited number of dorm rooms and studio apartments. However, there are usually waiting lists for these rooms, and students will probably need to find private accommodation first. There are a number of options for finding private accommodation in and around Aachen, and the RWTH International Academy can provide students with information beforehand and upon arrival.
For short-term accommodation, there are many hotels and two youth hostels.
Further guidance on student accommodation in Aachen can be found at:
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