Mathematics Program

Study mode:On campus Study type:Full-time Languages: English
8 place StudyQA ranking:3145 Duration:4 years

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The Graduate Program in Applied Mathematics comprises mathematics and its applications to a range of areas, to the mathematical sciences (including computer science and statistics), and to the other sciences and engineering.

 Topics covered by the program include classical and modern applied harmonic analysis, linear and nonlinear partial differential equations, numerical analysis, scientific computing and applications, discrete algorithms, combinatorics and combinatorial optimization, graph algorithms, geometric algorithms, discrete mathematics and applications, statistical theory and applications, probability theory and applications, information theory, econometrics, financial mathematics, statistical computing, and applications of mathematical and computational techniques to fluid mechanics, combustion, and other scientific and engineering problems.

To meet the minimum Graduate School quality requirement for the Ph.D., students must achieve the grade of Honors in at least one full-year or two full-term graduate courses, taken after matriculation in the Graduate School and during the nine-month academic year. The Honors requirement must be met in courses other than those concerned exclusively with dissertation research and preparation.

A student who has not met the Honors requirement at the end of the fourth term of full-time study will not be permitted to register for the fifth term. In exceptional circumstances, the director of graduate studies may petition the degree committee, through the appropriate dean, that a student who has not met the Honors requirement be permitted to continue study. Such a petition should be made before the end of the fourth term of study in time to be considered by the degree committee at its meeting that term.

Yale provides a stipend as well as full tuition and medical coverage for the first four years of the Ph.D. program in Applied Mathematics. The university offers the preceding support to each student for the first three terms of the four-year program. During the summers and beginning with the fourth term, the student is expected to have found an adviser with research funds to support the student’s stipend, tuition and medical coverage.

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