Modern Languages for Communication and International Cooperation

Study mode:Full-time Languages: Italian French Duration:1 years
Local:$ 1.4k / Academic year(s) Foreign:$ 1.4k / Academic year(s)  
StudyQA ranking:1104

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International Degree 

International Degree with the Blaise Pascal University of Clermont Ferrand (France). The course provides elevated competence in interlinguistic and intercultural communication, developing a full mastery within students of translation, business and classic consecutive interpreting techniques (with note-taking), which are necessary skills for working in various fields of international cooperation and multimedia sectors.

These techniques are coupled with an in-depth knowledge of the communicative dynamics and analytical tools of a linguistic nature that are essential for acquiring a full knowledge of the production and textual reception processes within interlinguistic and intercultural contexts. A particular emphasis is placed on the study of specialist language within the legal and economic sectors. Within the specific area of multimedia, the course develops skills aimed at the transposition and diffusion of audiovisual products that are beyond language, cultural and sensorial barriers.

The course also provides a solid and advanced knowledge of the IT and telecommunications tools necessary to produce, communicate and archive digital contents, and to deal with the issues relating to innovation within an international contemporary society. Thanks to such skills, graduates will be able to operate as translators and interpreters within companies, institutions, cultural organisations and agencies, providing translations services for cinema and television. They will also be able to take on roles with an elevated level of responsibility and occupy managerial posts within the framework of transnational communication organisations, institutions and international bodies, acting as language professionals and international communication experts in both written and oral contexts (paper and digital texts).

Doudble Diploma LM38/EIFI

The course offers students the possibility of obtaining a double diploma that is valid in both countries: the Italian qualification and the Master's in Etudes interculturelles franco-italiennes (EIFI), issued by the partner university Blaise Pascal of Clermont Ferrand. Enrolment in the double diploma course, which foresees a maximum number of 10 students, comes about through participation in a call for applications published on the university website, usually at the end of August, and it is subject to a pre-registration process in the LM-38 Degree Course.

First Year

  • Multimedia translation - 1st language*
  • Business and consecutive interpretation - 1st language*
  • Multimedia translation - 2nd language*
  • Business and consecutive interpretation - 2nd language*
  • Computational linguistics A subject to be chosen from among: - International law** - International economic policy

Second Year

  • Business and consecutive interpretation - 1st language
  • Multimedia translation Computer management of documents and processes
  • A subject to be chosen by the student from among: - Literary and specialist language - Francophone culture and civilisation***
  • A subject and/or modules to be chosen by the student Further skills Linguistic, IT skills, relational skills, training, etc… Internships or, alternatively, a training workshop at Istituto Confucio

Final Exam

Languages activated: Language and translation

  1. Chinese Language and translation
  2. French Language and translation
  3. English Language and translation
  4. Russian Language and translation
  5. Spanish Language and translation

**this is mandatory for the students enrolled in the International Double Degree Lingue moderne per la comunicazione e la cooperazione internazionale (LM-38) / Master in Etudes interculturelle franco-italiannes (EIFI)

***obligatory for students who choose French (1st and 2nd language)

Access requirements LM-38- LM-38 class of the master's degrees in modern languages ​​for communication and international cooperation. Modern languages ​​for communication and international cooperation. There are no admission and / or orientation tests. To access the Master's Degree Program in Modern Languages ​​for International Communication and Cooperation, in implementation of the provisions of the Faculty's Didactic Regulations, you must have a three-year university degree or diploma, or another qualification of study obtained abroad recognized as suitable, according to current legislation.

For students with a three-year degree, also obtained at a university other than that of Macerata, in Class L-12 - Linguistic mediation and Class 3 - Sciences of linguistic mediation, access is direct without any request for other requirements, the positive evaluation of the curriculum being given for the purpose of meeting the requisites required, as well as for the adequacy of the personal preparation of the students.

For students with old and new degree degrees not covered in the previous point, in order to access the Master of Science in Modern Languages ​​for international communication and cooperation, without debt, at least 82 credits must be acquired, divided as follows:

  • 32 credits in the first language and translation sector;
  • 32 credits in the second language and translation sector;
  • 6 credits in L-LIN / 01 - Glottology and Linguistics; - 6 credits to be chosen from: INF / 01 - Informatics; M-STO / 08 – Archiving, bibliography and library science;
  • 6 credits chosen from: SECS-P / 02 - Economic policy; IUS / 02 - Comparative private law; IUS / 13 - International law; IUS / 07 - Labor law.

The two language courses must be included among those below listed:

  • French language (L-LIN / 04 - Language and translation - French language)
  • Spanish language (L-LIN / 07 - Language and translation - Spanish language)
  • English language (L-LIN / 12 - Language and translation - English language)
  • German language (L-LIN / 14 - Language and translation - German language) Russian language (L-LIN / 21 - Slavistics)
  • Arabic language (L-OR / 12 - Arabic language and literature) Chinese language (L-OR / 21 - Languages ​​and literatures of China and Southeast Asia) .

In accordance with the DM March 16, 2007 on Classes, art. 4, paragraph 3, it should be noted that the maximum number of credits that can be recognized for previous knowledge and professional activities, if directly related to the use of foreign languages ​​in the context of interpretation and translation, is equal to 21 CFU:

  1. The student who has a number of debts among the disciplines indicated above corresponding to or greater than 45 credits cannot be admitted to the Master's degree course.
  2. A student who presents a number of debts less than the disciplines indicated above at 45 credits can be admitted to the master's degree, with the obligation to recover these debts.
  3. The possession of the requisites required for access is verified by the Study Plans Commission in the context of the examination of student practices; any training additions must be filled by taking exams of training activities, even three-year, activated in the aforementioned sectors in the University of Macerata.

The student will not be able to take exams and consequently acquire training credits during the master's degree course or obtain certifications for such enrollment until overcoming the training debts assigned to him. Any exams taken will be canceled automatically. Applications for transfers from degree courses of the University of Macerata or other universities, applications for enrollment of students who have already graduated from the University of Macerata or other universities and applications for enrollment of decayed ex-students of other universities, the student's study plans and practices will be examined by the Commission, which assessed the university career of the individual students will indicate the credits with which they may be admitted or any educational debts to be integrated in the ways and times established by the Commission.

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