Biology — Marine Ecology and Resource Biology

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Deadline: Dec 1, 2021
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The Master`s disciline in Marine ecology and resource biology is a diverse field of study, covering marine ecology, biodiversity, fisheries ecology, fish biology and aquaculture. Master`s projects may be chosen within the following main areas of research:

Marine Ecology and Biodiversity
Fisheries Ecology
Fish Biology and Aquaculture

The Master`s projects are usually related to field and experimental activities within the different marine and fisheries related research groups. For more information about the research groups see:
Arctic marine system ecology

Fish biology and population genetics

Marine Plankton Group

Recommended elective courses for the Master's discipline, within the main topics include:

Marine ecology and biodiversity:

Bio-3504 Production and Growth in Polar Areas (spring) - 10 ECTS
Bio-3001 Anthropogenic pollution and environmental impact in marine Arctic environments I (autumn) - 15 ECTS
BIO-3007 Ecotoxicology: A practical introduction to environmental monitoring tools (autumn) - 5 ECTS
Bio-3523 Master excursion marine ecology (spring) - 5 ECTS
Bio-3524 Applied ecological statistics (spring) - 10 ECTS
Bio-3526 Marine botany I (autumn) - 10 ECTS
Bio-3527 Marine botany II (spring) - 10 ECTS

Fisheries ecology:

Bio-3506 Top predators (autumn every 2. year) - 10 ECTS
Bio-3512 Early life history of marine fishes (spring) - 10 ECTS
Bio-3516 The biological basis of fisheries science (autumn) - 10 ECTS
Bio-3524 Applied ecological statistics (spring) - 10 ECTS

Fish biology and aquaculture:

Bio-2504 Fish physiology (autumn) - 10 ECTS
Bio-2506 Introduction to Fish biology (autumn) - 10 ECTS
Bio-2508 Aquaculture (autumn) - 10 ECTS
Bio-2509 Aquaculture II (spring) - 10 ECTS
Bio-3512 Early life history of marine fish (spring) - 10 ECTS
Bio-3516 The biological basis of fisheries science (autumn) - 10 ECTS
BIO-3528 Aquatic Ecophysiology: Physiological adaptations of high-latitude fish (autumn) - 10 ECTS

All topics:

BIO-3805/3810/3815/3820 Individual Special Curriculum (autumn/spring) - 5/10/15/20 ECTS

Compulsory courses are dependet on the Master`s topic, and students are encouraged to discuss with supervisors what would be their optimal set of courses.

Admission to the Master`s programme in biology requires a Bachelor`s degree (180 ECTS) in biology or equivalent qualification in biology. An average grade of equivalent to C or better in the Norwegian grading system is required. For further info. please visit:
Nokut certification
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