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The College of Pharmacy currently has three approved academic degree programs that have been designed to provide the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes for a successful career in pharmacy and the pharmaceutical sciences. These are the: 1) Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy (BSc (Pharm)) degree program; 2) Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree program and the; 3) Master of Sciences (MSc (Pharm)) degree program in the pharmaceutical sciences. The first BSc in Pharmacy degree class in the country was enrolled in September 2007 and Qatar's first domestic degrees were awarded in June 2011.

Acceptance into a pharmacy degree program is by a competitive application process. Only complete applications will be considered by the Admissions Committee.

Applicants must complete a minimum of 32 Credit-Hours (CH) of Pre-Pharmacy courses prior to entering the major program. Pre-Pharmacy courses may be completed at any accredited university or college. Recent and official Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) scores must be submitted by all applicants.

Students must complete all mandatory prerequisite courses and official transcripts must be received by July 1st of the year in which they enroll. Students are strongly encouraged to carry full course loads during their Pre-Pharmacy year(s).

Applicants will typically have completed the QU Foundation Program and the required Pre-Pharmacy courses prior to application. For external applicants, the quality of the academic institution as well as rigor of the academic curriculum is also considered.

QU students who intend to pursue a career in pharmacy are strongly encouraged to consider enrolment in the QU Honors Program prior to their application. As described on their website, the Honors program has been designed for highly motivated and academically inquisitive students looking for an enriching college experience. If you meet their admission requirements, they welcome your application. Acceptance into the QU Honors Program strengthens an application to our pharmacy degree program.

Qualified applicants to the College of Pharmacy will be invited for a formal interview involving the Admissions Committee. All interviews are expected to be conducted during the month of May. The selection process is described elsewhere on this website.

Applications from female students are only accepted.

Qatar University supports a wide variety of scholarships recipients each academic year in order to attract highly qualified students. While the vast majority of academic scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit and scholarly achievement, Qatar University also provides other scholarships that also consider financial need. All scholarships cover the cost of tuition fees while the benefits of some scholarships may also include one or more of the following benefits: free accommodation in university dormitories, transportation to and from the University, and a yearly airfare ticket to the home country for students who are not residents of Qatar.The student shall pay the due penalties in case he/she drops courses, or withdraw from the semester.

Scholarships contained within this guide includes only first bachelor students and students who transfer from other universities to Qatar University. Non-degree applicants, visiting students and applicants seeking a second bachelor's degree are not eligible for academic scholarships offered by Qatar University.

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