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The School of Education offers a comprehensive master’s/educational specialist degree program to prepare graduates for professional certification in school psychology. The program trains students in (1) direct intervention skills, including counseling and applied behavioral analysis, (2) psychoeducational evaluation of children, using a variety of assessment and diagnostic approaches, (3) prevention, (4) consultation with parents, teachers, and school administrators, and (5) evaluation and research in school settings. The program is approved by the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP). Therefore, students completing the program will qualify for school psychology certification in Delaware and most other states.

The school psychology “program” at the University of Delaware actually consists of two separate, yet closely interrelated, programs: the Specialist program and the Ph.D. program in Education with a specialization in school psychology. Although the two programs have many courses in common, the Ph.D. program provides greater breadth and depth in knowledge domains and competencies. It also places greater emphasis on research skills.

Both programs are based on the Standards for School Psychology Training Programs developed by the National Association of School Psychologists (2010).

The Specialist program requires three years of full-time study. With special permission from the student’s adviser and program coordinator, the equivalent of one year of coursework may be completed part-time.

New students apply to and first enter the Master of Arts (M.A.) in School Psychology program. Upon completion of the first year of coursework (30 credits) and passing of a comprehensive exam, students are awarded an M.A. in School Psychology. All students are expected to continue their studies to earn the Educational Specialist Degree in School Psychology, which requires 30 additional credits including a 1,200-hour internship. It is only upon completion of the full 60-hour integrated program that a student is eligible for certification as a school psychologist in Delaware as well as most other states.

Coursework for Specialist Students

First Year (Master’s Level)

During the first year, you complete the following coursework during the fall, spring, and winter or summer session. During the session in which you take your final course, you become eligible to take the comprehensive exam.  Passing this exam qualifies you to receive your Master’s degree.

Fall Semester (12 credits)

  • EDUC 618: Introduction to School Psychology
  • EDUC 663: Counseling Skills Laboratory
  • EDUC 817: Individual Intelligence Testing
  • EDUC 744: Educational Measurement and Progress Monitoring

Winter Session (6 credits)

  • EDUC 814: Psychological Assessment of Children
  • EDUC 623: Applied Human Development

Spring Semester (12 Credits)

  • EDUC 671: Practicum in School Psychology
  • EDUC 679: Instructing Elementary/Middle Schoolers with Mild Disabilities
  • EDUC 830: Consultation and Intervention: School Discipline
  • EDUC 870: Child Neuropsychology OR EDUC 842: Assessment of Special Populations

Second Year (Specialist level)

In the second year, students complete the following Specialist coursework, which includes the practica:

Fall Semester (12 credits)

  • EDUC 831: Advanced Counseling Techniques
  • EDUC 671: Practicum in School Psychology
  • EDUC 691: Applied Statistics and Research Design
  • EDUC 813: Child Psychopathology

Spring Semester (12 Credits)

  • EDUC 671: Practicum in School Psychology
  • EDUC 651: School-Based Family Issues and Interventions
  • EDUC 841: Consultation and Intervention: Mental Health
  • EDUC 870: Child Neuropsychology OR EDUC 842: Assessment of Special Populations

Third Year (Internship)

During the third and final year of the School Psychology Specialist Program, students complete the following requirements:

  • Enroll in EDUC 688: Internship in School Psychology, for 3 credits or 6 credits per semester
  • Pass the PRAXIS Exam in School Psychology
  • Complete the portfolio and have it approved
  • Complete the Application for Advanced Degree for conferral of the Specialist Degree

Note: Students who choose to enroll for 3 credits of internship may not be considered “full-time students” for the purpose of deferring student loans. Students are responsible for determining their loan status.

Minimum GPA of 3.5

Students must maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.5 to be eligible for the Master’s and Specialist degree. Students also must obtain a grade of B- or higher in each practica in order advance to the next level of the program. Additionally, a grade of B- or higher is required during each semester of the internship in order to complete the program and receive the Specialist degree. Note that proficiency in oral and written expression in English is among the requirements in practica and the internship. 

Residency Requirement

All students must complete a full-time residency. Minimally, at the Specialist level, students are required to spend one, continuous year (fall semester, spring semester) of full-time course work in the program. This does not include the internship. Full time work is defined as completing nine graduate credit hours per semester. It is strongly recommended that both years of coursework be completed on a full-time basis.

  • Transcripts of all previous academic work at the undergraduate and graduate (if applicable) level. Applicants may upload unofficial copies of their transcripts and if admitted, all transcripts will be verified by the Office of Graduate and Professional Education. Applicants who previously attended the University of Delaware still need to upload an unofficial transcript, but do not need to provide official transcripts for verification. Please do not send any transcripts to the School of Education.
  • GRE scores are required.
  • Three (3) letters of recommendation. Recommendations must be submitted electronically. You may find more information about submitting recommendations online.
  • Personal statement. The M.A. in School Psychology program and the Ph.D. in Education both require specific questions for the personal statement or essay.

    • M.A. in School Psychology applicants should answer the following questions:
      • What qualities and experiences do you have that should help make you an excellent graduate student and school psychologist?
      • What are your career objectives and how will obtaining your degree in school psychology from the University of Delaware contribute to them?
      • Are there any special circumstances related to your academic record that you feel we should know about?
  • No writing samples or supplemental documents are required.
  • Resume. All graduate programs require the submission of a resume.
  • Submission of TOEFL scores for foreign student
  • Interview


  • University Fellowships
  • University Tuition Scholarships
  • Graduate Student Assistantships
  • Residence Hall Assistantships
  • UD Press Awards Internship
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