Service-Oriented Computing

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Service science, cloud computing and service-oriented computing are growth sectors, and there’s high demand for skilled IT professionals equipped to work in this environment. The Master of Service-Oriented Computing addresses this demand. The programme focuses on the creation of flexible and dynamic business processes across organisations and computing platforms. You will be challenged by some of the latest trends both in practice and research. You will also learn to plan, execute and complete a piece of original research. This master’s degree will build on your professional experience in the information technology industry and prepare you for a career in cloud computing, service science and service-oriented computing. It’s also suitable for high-quality graduates from other disciplines who meet the entry criteria and want to develop their practical competencies.

  • Duration: 1 1/2 years full-time / 3 years part-time
  • Start date:  18 July

Career opportunities

  • Technical enterprise architect
  • Enterprise solution architect
  • Transformation analyst
  • Operational process consultant
  • Capacity planner
  • Capacity manager
  • Business integration and service delivery manager
  • Business analyst
  • Business process manager
  • Service performance manager
  • Business solution architect
  • IT operations manager
  • Project manager
  • Middleware systems administrator
  • Load balancing specialist
  • IT security specialist
  • IT services consultant
  • Software engineer
  • SE Service design engineer
  • Enterprise architecture integration specialist



What this qualification covers

The programme is a mix of technical and professional skills, and includes a range of papers as well as a research project.


To qualify for the Master of Service-Oriented Computing, a student must achieve 180 points by successfully completing the requirements in the structure below.

COMP811 Research Methods I (15 points)
INFS800 Service Relationship Management (15 points)
INFS801 Service Science for IT (15 points)
INFS802 Service-Oriented Architecture(15 points)
INFS803 Cloud Computing (15 points)

SELECT 45 points FROM:
COMP806 Software Architecture (15 points)
COMP812 Next Generation Networking (15 points)
COMP819 Ubiquitous Computing(15 points)
COMP821 Information Security (15 points)
COMP824 Special Topic (15 points)
ENSE800 Software Engineering for Services (15 points)
INFS804 eSystems Design and Development (15 points)
INFS805  Contemporary Service Science Infrastructure (15 points)
INFS807 Readings (15 points)
INFS808 Global IT Project Management (15 points)

Or any other postgraduate paper with the approval of the programme leader.

And a 60 point (1 semester) research project
INFS997 Research Project (60 points)


Entry requirements

Completed one of the following with a B grade average or higher in papers at level 7; or equivalent:

  •   A relevant bachelor's degree or
  •   A relevant graduate diploma

Guidelines to entry


Study abroad fees at AUT University: what you'll pay

2016 fees per semester in NZ dollars

  • Tuition fee for Study Abroad: NZ$12,500 per semester
  • Enrolment fee: NZ$150
  • Learner services levy: NZ$320.08 per 60 points
  • Placement fee (internship option only): NZ$800
  • AUT Insurance Premium: NZ$294.50 per semester

Other compulsory fees (in addition to tuition fees)

  • 2016 Compulsory Student Services Fee - $573.30 for 120 points or $4.77 per academic point (GST incl)
  • 2016 Building Levy- $66.85 for 120 points or $0.56 per academic point (GST incl)
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