System Dynamics

Study mode:On campus Study type:Full-time Languages: English
Deadline: Dec 1, 2021
StudyQA ranking:500 Duration:2 years

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Many real life problems are complex in that they are hard to identify, describe and analyse. Typically dynamics, nonlinearities, uncertainty, and lack of data are the main contributors to complexity. In spite of such complexity, people have to make decisions. Experience and laboratory experiments suggest that they frequently misperceive the systems and choose ineffective policies. This motivates the use of system dynamics. Two aspects are central: a method to analyse complex, dynamic problems, and tools to convey information to decision makers.

The purpose of the Master Programme in System Dynamics is to enhance the student's ability to identify, represent, analyze, design, and manage non-linear, dynamic feedback systems within a variety of disciplines and across disciplines. The program focuses on social systems in interaction with natural and technical ones. Central themes are development issues and renewable resources. Examples from practical situations are used in every lecture.

The student is expected to develop proficiency in the application of theories, methods, techniques, and computer-based tools. The tools include software for systems modelling, simulation and analysis, for building simulation-based interactive learning environments and to construct laboratory experiments. The tools cover both analysis and information dissemination. Actually, to a large extent the same tools are used for analyses and presentations. This is possible because the tools are designed specifically for the purpose of building intuition.

You will learn to apply the principles of system dynamics modelling and to use computer-based tools for simulation, learning environments and laboratory experiments.

A first degree (bachelor's degree) of three or four years' duration from an approved institution of higher education, as well as proficiency in the English language.- Students with bachelor's degrees in social sciences, science and engineering, business administration, medicine and psychology are accepted to the program. Other backgrounds may also qualify provided a minimum knowledge of mathematics.
No tuition fees
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