African Studies

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The African Studies Center is devoted to the study of African culture, both past and present, from a growing variety of perspectives and disciplines. Students may pursue Africanist training through history, language, politics, religion and other liberal arts and social science courses. Geographically, these courses span the continent and extend beyond it into the various African diasporas. Theoretically and methodologically, they involve comparative, interdisciplinary study of African peoples and institutions.

The minimum requirement for the major is 12 c.u.:

1)Two semesters of an African language (Intermediate or Advanced Level, not including French or Portuguese) or the successful completion of a language proficiency exam. (2 c. u.)

2) Proseminar : AFST 190 “Introduction to Africa” (must be taken at Penn) taken no later than the junior year.(1 c.u.)

3) Eight African Studies courses with Africa content. (at least 5 must be taken at Penn), (8 c.u.)

- 6 courses must have 100% Africa content
- 2 courses must have at least 25% Africa content

4) Senior thesis written on an Africa-related topic under the supervision of an African Studies faculty member. (1 c.u.)

Majors focus on one of two tracts: Social Science or Humanities: Social Science majors are required to take 6 courses in the social sciences and two in the humanities; Humanities majors are required to take 6 courses in the humanities and two in the social sciences.

Humanities departments include: Africana, Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations, History, History of Art, Linguistics, Comparative Literature, English, French, Music, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Romance Languages.
Social Science departments include: Anthropology, Demography, Economics, History & Sociology of Science, International Relations, Nursing, Political Science, Sociology, Population Studies, Women’s Studies 

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