Analytical Chemistry

Study mode:Full-time Languages: English Duration:
Foreign:$ 6.5k / Academic year(s)  
StudyQA ranking:1026



The study program of Analytical Chemistry instigates a scientific work, scientific formularization of analytical problem and coupling between development - application - interpretation, ethical and social issue of scientific work, presentation and publication of results in the field of analytical chemistry science, required knowledge for the development of science and study section and the evaluation of own contribution for practice. The graduate knows the methodology of scientific work specially with specialization to specific field of analytical chemistry (structural analysis, analysis of high purity materials, trace and ultra trace analysis of the complex samples, analysis of chiral compounds and so on), with application in different field (clinical analysis, environmental analysis, pharmaceutical analysis and so on) and also he knows the methodology of special area of analytical chemistry (separation methods, identification and detection methods, methods of structural analysis and etc.).

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