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University of Bielefeld

Bielefeld, Germany
Website: Founded: 1969 year 158 place StudyQA ranking: 1859 pts. No. Students: 22376 Frgn. Students: 4475 Languages: German Phone: 052110600 Fax: 05211065844,6464
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Bielefeld University was founded in 1969 with an explicit research assignment and a mission to provide high-quality, research-oriented teaching. Today it encompasses 13 faculties covering a broad spectrum of disciplines in the humanities, natural sciences, social sciences and technology. With around 23,600 students in more than 100 degree courses, it is one of Germany's medium-sized universities. Since its foundation, the university has been guided by the principle of interdisciplinarity. A shining example is the Center for Interdisciplinary Research. A transparent course structure with great permeability between subjects, flexibility of subject combinations, and elective elements allows each student to create an individual profile that paves the way to an excellent career in new occupational and research fields. As an architectural expression of its interdisciplinarity, the university unites almost all its departments in only two adjacent buildings. This striking structure brings people working in different disciplines together in close proximity. The culture of communication is characterised by a great openness to new ideas. The central services are just a short distance away - this is true for the student guidance centre, the counselling centre, the computer centre, and the university library. All major rankings and evaluations confirm that it is one of the best and most service-oriented university libraries in Germany. Bielefeld University is infinitely networked. Through this, people from more than 100 countries invest their cultural potential in research, teaching, and study. Another important building block in the Bielefeld network for excellence is the promotion of young scientists. Numerous junior research groups make Bielefeld even more interesting for young scientists.
In addition to many services and facilities available to all students, the International Office offers a wide range of special services helping you to adjust to your new surroundings and provides you with continuing support that will enhance your learning. At the beginning of each semester a leisure day programme with a variety of activities is published to which all international students are invited: day excursions, weekend trips, journeys taking several days and evening meetings. The PunktUm project offers interdisciplinary assistance for the acquirement of basic academic skills to international students. Project offers are composed of individual counselling, workshops and courses on the following contents: academic writing, oral study achievements and scientific language for subject related and interdisciplinary use. Bielefeld University's "brother-sister-programme" is a personal tutoring programme for all foreign freshmen and participants of the German language courses. Students of all semesters and fields of study support people new to Bielefeld during their first semester in dealing with organisational difficulties and in other new situations. In 1985, the Society for the Support for International Students was founded with the purpose to support international students and scholars/scientists of the Bielefeld academies and encourage contacts and relationships to the people of the region.
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