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  • Deadline:
  • 31 March 2017
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  • Duration:
  • 2 years

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    We welcome motivated applicants with a BA degree in English or a related discipline, who have a strong foundation in the field, excellent written and spoken English and a proposed research project that fits within the fields of specialisation available within the Department. The programme offers students a range of potential specialisations that is unique in Central Europe taught by scholars who actively participate in the academic community and publish in these areas. Generally, the special programmes include either an introduction to the theory, history and contemporary practice of specialised disciplines, or an overview of a broader, interdisciplinary area (e.g. Critical and Cultural Theory, British and Commonwealth Cultural Studies). All courses are assessed by means of credits compatible with the EU system (ECTS).

    Instruction takes the form of small group seminars that facilitate discussion, close reading of specific texts and individual attention from the instructor if needed.

    Applicants are advised to check the research interests of members of staff when preparing a draft thesis topic and to consult information on MA thesis requirements.

    Forms of Study

    • Single Subject Study:

      Single Subject students are enrolled only in the MA programme of Anglophone Literatures and Cultures. Single Subject students must obtain 120 credits in total, out of which 12 are elective.
      In year 1 of full-time study 60 credits should be obtained. In order to be admitted into Year 2, 30 credits are required.

      Other requirements include:
      MA Thesis
      Final Exam

    • Double Subject Study:

      Double Subject students are enrolled in Anglophone Literatures and Cultures AND another subject within the Faculty of Arts. They must pass the entrance exams in both subjects. At the conclusion of their studies they must choose a thesis topic in one of their two subjects of study. The students must obtain 120 credits in total, out of which 12 are elective –at the department, 54 credits in total are required, out of which 6 are elective.
      In year 1 of full-time study 30 credits must be obtained. In order to be admitted into the second year of study, 15 credits are required.

      Other requirements include:
      MA Thesis
      Final Exam

    Special Programmes and courses

    • English Literature
    • British and Commonwealth Cultural Studies
    • American Literature and Cultural Studies
    • Irish Studies
    • Critical and Cultural Theory 

    University requirements

    Program requirements

    The application form is available online on the Faculty of Arts website. Applicants for double subject study must submit a separate application form for each programme. Deadline for online application form submission is 31.3.2017.

    An administrative fee of CZK 590 (ca. 22 EUR / 24 USD) can be paid online, by postal order (in the Czech Republic only) or by bank transfer to the account of Univerzita Karlova v Praze, Filozofická fakulta

    Apart from the application form (which the students submit in the online system) the following enclosures must be submitted / sent in hard copies to the following address and received by 31 March 2017:

    Univerzita Karlova v Praze
    Filozofická fakulta
    Ústav anglofonních literatur a kultur
    Jana Palacha 2
    116 38 Praha 1
    Czech Republic

    The enclosures required:

    1. An official transcript supplemented by descriptions of all courses studied at BA level, or a certified copy of official records (INDEX) / SIS transcript signified by the registrar or registration office of all courses studied in the BA programme of English and American Studies at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University.
    2. A tentative proposal for an MA dissertation (min. 900 words, along with a critical bibliography). This proposal will be discussed during the interview. Applicants who qualify for the second stage (interviews) must bring their reading lists.

    A copy of a BA degree in English or related disciplines (the suitability of the latter will be assessed individually on the basis of the transcript [2]) certified by a notary public must be submitted by September 30. Degrees from universities outside the Czech Republic must be certified by Charles University as compatible with the Czech BA degree (See instructions in the download menu).

    Enclosures must not be received later than 31 March 2017!

    Entrance procedure

    Applicants are admitted on the basis of a one-stage entrance examination:

    1. a review and assessment of enclosures (tentative MA thesis proposal) submitted together with the application form
      (for details see Application).  
      50 points maximum 
      • 10 points maximum for for previous study results in programme-related courses/modules;
      • 40 points maximum for the quality of the MA thesis proposal.
    2. an interview testing the applicant's motivation, discussing the MA thesis proposal and the applicant’s knowledge of literary and cultural theory and history of English speaking countries (a reading list of literary texts and secondary sources must be submitted; 
      cf. model reading list for the BA final exams) 
      50 points maximum 
      • 10 points maximum for motivation; 
      • 40 points maximum for the discussion of the thesis proposal and for the knowledge of the literary and cultural theory and history of English speaking countries, including the reading list.

    The examination may not be waived.


    Candidates who score a total of 50 points and above in Parts 1 and 2 (see above) are considered for admission.


    An official notification of admission will be delivered by mail by the end of July.


    Applicants who are accepted must enrol before the end of September at a date given in the official notification of acceptance to secure their place. Applicants who will have not passed a BA exam by the time of the entrance examination are going to be – provided they have passed the entrance examination – accepted in the MA programme on a conditional basis. Any such students need to defend their BA thesis and pass their BA exam by the end of September at the latest. Applicants from abroad must also submit copies of their BA degrees certified by Charles University by this date. 

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