Study mode:On campus Study type:Full-time Languages: English
Deadline: May 1, 2025
StudyQA ranking:4879 Duration:2 years
The MA Anthropology is intended for students who have successfully completed a Bachelor in Anthropology or a related discipline and wish to broaden and deepen their knowledge base of the discipline and develop advanced academic skills.
The MA Anthropology is a two year programme with a strong research orientation. During the first academic year, students read advanced theory, reflect on research method, improve academic skills (writing of research proposal, advanced essay writing in the style of a journal article, etc.) and deepen their regional expertise (students can choose from African Studies, Oriental Studies, India/Tibet/Mongolian Studies, China Studies, Japan Studies). During the third semester, students conduct research for their Master's thesis or undertake an internship. The last term is devoted to writing an MA thesis (approx. 30,000 words). All core courses are offered in English. Electives might be taught in English or German. Please see the language requirements before enrolling.

Educational organisation

During the first semester, students attend classes on "Current Debates" in the discipline and on the relationship between "Technology and Culture". Both modules offer training in anthropological theory. In addition, students will train in their regional specialisation.

The second semester is devoted to methodological training. Students will attend the module "Advanced Method in Anthropology" and write a project proposal for their MA project. They will reflect on how best to communicate anthropological knowledge in the public sphere in the module "Anthropology and Communication". Students will engage in advanced training in their regional specialisation.

Semester three is devoted to research. Students will conduct fieldwork for their MA project. Alternatively, students can undertake an internship for practical training.

Students write their MA thesis in semester four.

Study abroad unit(s)

During the third semester, students conduct research as part of their MA project or undertake an internship. Stays abroad are strongly recommended, but they are not compulsory.

Forms of assessment

Thesis, presentation, written exam, oral exam, essay, project work

Course objectives

Students will have advanced skills in anthropology and research training. They will be able to write fund applications, will have trained their ability to write journal articles and engage in public communication. Students will develop and execute a research project. They will be able to interrogate knowledge claims critically, communicate effectively, and navigate situations of international communication.

Language requirements

The Master in Anthropology is taught in English. Excellent skills in academic English (at level B2) are required. Knowledge of German is not a requirement.

Academic requirements

1. A Bachelor's degree in Anthropology or a related discipline
2. Solid proficiency in English (proficiency at level B2 (CEFR)).
3. Successful completion of an admission test (Eignungsfeststellungsprüfung) - application to be sent to the Institute of Anthropology
4. Central online admission - Application through AlmaWeb (German nationals) or uni assist (foreign nationals).

Enrolment fees

According to current legal regulations, every student must pay contributions to the student body and the Studentenwerk Leipzig (Leipzig Student Services) every semester. Students currently pay approx. 200 EUR.

Costs of living

You will need about 650 EUR a month for your living expenses in Leipzig. Of course, this figure is only an estimate and depends on how much you spend. Here are some examples of monthly expenses in Leipzig:
  • rent: 150-250 EUR
  • health insurance: around 80 EUR
  • study materials: around 50 EUR
  • food, clothing, miscellaneous requirements: around 250 EUR
In addition to monthly costs, you will have to pay deposits for your accommodation, UniCard etc. at the beginning of your stay. So plan on about 600 EUR to start you off in Leipzig. Please also note that you will have to pay the semester fee and, if applicable, the semester ticket at the beginning of each semester.

Job opportunities

The Studentenwerk provides a platform for job-seeking students. See:

Arrival support

The Akademisches Auslandsamt offers support for arriving international students, ranging from general information to accommodation.

Services and support for international students

The Akademisches Auslandsamt (International Centre) has a broad area of responsibility - it facilitates the university's international relationships and is "home" to the foreign students, academics and alumni.


The city has plenty of accommodation available at reasonable prices, much of which is a real treat in which to live. Many of the 19th century houses scattered all over the city were extensively, and often expensively, renovated in recent years. Most students live in the neighbouring districts of Südvorstadt and Connewitz, where the pre-Second World War buildings are equally well preserved, as these areas of the city also have an ample supply of enticing bars and an alternative culture scene.

There is a wide range of reasonably priced apartments and rooms in Leipzig. A room in the halls of residence run by the Studentenwerk Leipzig (Leipzig Student Services) has the advantage of already being furnished and enables you to make contact with other students.

Shared apartments, so-called Wohngemeinschaften (WG), are particularly popular among Leipzig students. In a shared apartment, two or more students share a whole apartment, which includes a bathroom and a kitchen. There are various ways to find a room or a shared apartment. For example, you can find a place to live through
  • accommodation adverts
  • housing and room agencies
  • the Akademisches Auslandsamt (International Centre) accommodation service for ERASMUS and exchange students.

Rent for a single room in a student residence is approx. 220 EUR. Private housing can be found on the Internet. See: and
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