Automotive Systems (Engineering)

Study mode:On campus Study type:Full-time Languages: English
Local:$ 3.83 k Foreign:$ 4.79 k Deadline: Mar 31, 2024
StudyQA ranking:1687 Duration:3 semestrs

The Esslingen "Master of Engineering in Automotive Systems" (ASM) aims to provide students with a specialised professional qualification in sophisticated automotive systems. Students have to choose one of the three electives: Vehicle Dynamics, Software-Based Automotive Systems or Car Electronics. Cross-cultural, interdisciplinary student projects form a practical complement to the lectures. Through these, students are given the opportunity to share not only their specialised knowledge but also their cultural backgrounds in real-life working scenarios.

First semester - Foundations:

  • Mathematical Methods in Engineering
  • System Design
  • Simulation and Control I

Additional modules as supplement according to educational background:

  • Vehicles Technology
  • Electronics, Sensors and Measurement Techniques

Second semester - Advanced courses/electives:
For all electives: Simulation and Control II
Elective "Vehicle Dynamics":


  • Ride and Handling: Handling, Suspension Modelling
  • Powertrain: Transmission Systems, Transmission Control and Engine Control Systems

Elective "Software-Based Automotive Systems":



  • Automotive Communications: Wireless and Wired On-board and Off-board Communication Systems, Man-Machine Interaction (MMI)
  • Reliable Embedded Systems: Safety and Security, Selected Topics on Real-Time Systems

Elective "Car Electronics":



  • Electric and Electronic Architecture: Electronics and Communications, Prototyping and Simulation, Optical Systems and Lab Optical Systems
  • Packaging and Integration: Packaging and Wiring Harness, Automotive EMC, Electronics and Communications II and Lab Car Electronics

Third semester - Master's Thesis:
In their final thesis, students demonstrate the full extent of their scientific and practical engineering knowledge of a specific subject. Master's theses can be performed individually or in a team, either at the university or, preferably, within a company. The duration is six months, including training in soft skills.


Study abroad unit(s)

The Master's thesis can be done abroad.


No internship required, but students will have the opportunity to complete a Master's thesis in the third semester (six months).

Forms of assessment

Controlled lab reports, written exams after lecture periods, final thesis to be defended, and attendance

Course objectives

The aim of the MEng ASM:
The Esslingen Master of Engineering reflects the needs of globally oriented companies. The programmes are designed for students who wish to become highly qualified engineers in the field of automotive systems for the development of feedback control systems and automotive electronics.
To this end, the course is given in close conjunction with local industry, emphasising practical experience.
In addition, students are given the chance to work in networked projects in multicultural teams.

Aim of elective "Vehicle Dynamics":
Graduates will have the chance to work in the field of development and testing of innovative automotive functions for steering, suspension and powertrain to improve ride and handling, stability, driveability and fuel economisation.

Aim of elective "Software-Based Automotive Systems":
Graduates will have the chance to work in the field of development, market launch, and supervision of vehicle series production of suitable and innovative car communication systems and of safe software.

Aim of elective "Car Electronics":
Graduates will have the chance to work in the field of specification, development and testing of control units and their integration into the car, taking into account automotive boundary conditions (function, packaging, EMC).

The Master of Engineering programme in Automotive Systems (ASM) started in 2008 and is offered every year. A Master's degree can be achieved after the usual study period of three semesters (one and a half years); the language of instruction is English. The aim of this course is to reach a specialised, professional level in one of the three fields of the electives: Vehicle Dynamics, Software-Based Automotive Systems or Car Electronics in Automotive Systems.

Language requirements

It is recommended to have a basic knowledge of German (level A1 finished) by 1 September (it would be advantageous to have achieved it by 31 March); German level A2 has to be completed by the end of the second semester.
An English language test is required (not for applicants who come from English-speaking countries or who graduated from English-speaking Bachelor's programmes): TOEFL, 530 paper-based, 197 computer-based, 71 Internet-based or IELTS test (minimum 6.0 points); Cambridge Certificate (FCE, CAE, CPE) is accepted, as well as Unicert II.

Academic requirements

Applicants should hold a Bachelor's degree equivalent to the elective chosen:

  • Bachelor of Automotive Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or equivalent for the elective Vehicle Dynamics
  • Bachelor of Mechatronics, Electrical Engineering or equivalent for the elective Car Electronics (at least 20 CP in Electronics/ Electrical Engineering)
  • Bachelor of Information Technology, Electrical Engineering or equivalent for Software-Based Automotive Systems
  • two letters of recommendation
  • letter of motivation, one page

Enrolment fees

Each semester, students are required to pay approx. 180 EUR as an enrolment fee.

Costs of living

In order to cover personal expenses during the study programme in Esslingen, we recommend that participants budget around 750 EUR per month, for accommodation (310 EUR), living (200 EUR), health insurance (66 EUR), books (60 EUR), excursions (25 EUR) and miscellaneous expenses (100 EUR).

Job opportunities

A limited number of student jobs are available.
Currently we have no career service but this is planned for the future. There are many job opportunities for good students but this depends on the economic situation.

Arrival support

Assistance with integration is provided through the student services of the Graduate School.
We offer an integration week including local tours, a campus tour, information sessions on health insurance, accommodation, transport, bank accounts, etc.

Services and support for international students

  • Administrative and organisational support, study programme advice
  • support in finding accommodation
  • offer of German language courses at different levels
  • cultural excursions
  • social support, health insurance, visa issues, etc.
  • possibility of learning various languages
  • offer of a seminar "How to apply for a Master's thesis"


The cost of accommodation is approx. 310 EUR per month in a dormitory.
Assistance is provided upon arrival.
Application for accommodation is only possible after the student has been accepted.

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