Biomedical Computing

Study mode:On campus Study type:Full-time Languages: English
Local:$ 123 / Semester(s) Foreign:$ 123 / Semester(s) Deadline: May 31, 2025
41 place StudyQA ranking:8159 Duration:4 semestrs

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Computer-assisted medical imaging technology plays a crucial role in modern clinical environments, as medical diagnosis and treatment are increasingly supported by imaging procedures. Consequently, there is a growing demand for specialists that are skilled in this very particular field at the intersection of computer science and medicine.
The Master's degree program in Biomedical Computing aims to provide the required education by pursuing an interdisciplinary approach, involving the faculty of computer science and the medical school at Technische Universität München (TUM).
The topics covered in the modules of the master's program include the following: Medical data acquisition and management, medical ontologies and physics of medical imaging, medical image processing, visualization, advanced user interfaces and computer aided medical solutions. 

In semesters 1-3, you will complete compulsory modules in the fields of computer science and medicine, including computer-aided medical procedures, medical instrumentation, computer-aided trauma surgery, medical information processing, and pathophysiology. You will also choose elective modules from the following areas:

•    Imaging
•    Mathematical methods and scientific computing
•    Programming and software engineering
•    Image processing, computer vision, and pattern recognition
•    Computer graphics, augmented reality, and visualization
•    Professional and transferrable skills

In semester 4, you will work on a master's thesis involving the independent, in-depth study of a chosen area of biomedical computing.

  • Online application
  • a personal statement explaining why you have chosen this master’s program and TUM specifically (max. 2 pages) (see our  FAQs for tips on writing your personal statement)
  • your CV/résumé
  • an essay of approx. 1,000 words in German or English on a specified topic (not for CSE, see the individual program pages for details of essay topics)
  • a passport photo
  • a printout of your application form with your signature
  • form "Analysis of the Curriculum" (see applications website for the respective study program)
  • a copy of your bachelor's degree certificate, including a list of courses and grades OR an official transcript of records as a notarized photocopy (round or triangular seal required, check  notarization requirements). Documents not issued in German or English must be translated and notarized by a sworn translator, check  here.
  • proof of your English and/or German  language proficiency
  • GRE or Gate score if applicable (you can either submit a certified copy of the original score card or have the score transmitted directly via ETS)
  • certificates from professional training or additional qualifications related to the program (e.g. participation in research competitions, internships, etc.)
  • a copy of your passport
  • health insurance card 


Who Can Qualify: currently-enrolled undergraduates and graduates with non-German university entrance certificates
Scholarship Amount: one-time financial aid of €500 to €1,500 per semester
Qualification Requirements: good academic record (merit), proven need (low income)


Who Can Qualify: currently-enrolled undergraduates and graduates with university entrance certificates from Germany 
Scholarship Amount: one-time financial aid of €150 to €1,000 per semester
Qualification Requirements: completion of at least two semesters at the TUM, good academic record (merit), proven need (low income)


Who Can Qualify: currently enrolled undergraduates and graduates with university entrance certificates from Germany or abroad
Scholarship Amount: €300 per month
Qualification Requirements:Primary criteria are academic achievement and aptitude. Social engagement, a sense of responsibility and special circumstances such as physical handicaps or a minority status (immigrant background) are also taken into consideration


Who Can Qualify: currently-enrolled undergraduates and graduates with university entrance certificates from Germany or abroad
Scholarship Amount: (single scholarships and financial aid for travel) one-time scholarship between €150 and €450
Qualification Requirements: Students demonstrating financial need, who have completed at least four semesters at the TUM


Before you enroll, you need to pay a fee of 114,50€ for the Student Union. This includes a basic ticket for public transport that can be upgraded easily. 

Plan to spend about €850 per month for accommodation, food, transport, and other living expenses.

In order to obtain a visa and a residence permit, you will generally need to provide proof of access to at least €670 per month for at least one year (€8.040 in total). Please contact the German consulate or embassy closest to you in order to confirm the requirements and guidelines for your country.

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