Business Administration

Study mode:On campus Study type:Full-time Languages: English
Local:$ 220 / Month(s) Foreign:$ 220 / Month(s)  
1001+ place StudyQA ranking:2244 Duration:36 months You need IELTS certificate

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Business Administration represents a bachelor degree structure belonging to the Business Administration study domain and is part of the fundamental Economic domain.

Business Administration students will get an Economic Science bachelor degree and will be able to work as economists in any field in the labor market.

The general competences which students will acquire are based on the ability to analyze and synthesize economical process on basic knowledge necessary to an economist profession, on the capacity to comprehend the market economy’s mechanisms, on the capacity to solve economical problems and to adapt to the European integrations process, on the formation of a logical thinking and development of management skills etc.

Professional Competences witch students will acquire are based on the capacity to make decisions as an economic agent, to work in an international context, on the capacity to be creative within the field of business market and to put the theoretical elements attained into practice, to manage time, risk and economical resources etc.

Business Administration within Faculty of Public and Business Administration prepares professional graduates for the businessmen Community having economical and juridical, IT and foreign language competencies.

On the labormarket, graduate with a Business Administration degree will be able to work as accountants, negotiators, entrepreneurs etc, as the economical domain generates a multitude of opportunities for young people with initiative.

Detailed Course Facts

Tuition fee
  • EUR 220 Month (EEA)
  • EUR 220 Month (Non-EEA)
Start date October 2015 October 1st Credits (ECTS) 180 ECTS

The standard unit of study is the semester. The normal load of a semester is conventionally 30 credits. The convention of 30 credits/semester was chosen to adjust to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). The credits assess the normal volume of a student's work.

Duration full-time 36 months Languages Take an IELTS test
  • English
Delivery mode On Campus Educational variant Full-time More information Go To The Course Website

Course Content

The curriculum of Business Administration reflects the principles of The Bologna Process and the National Field Strategy requirements the courses are mandatory or optional and are in close connection with each other.

Some examples would be:
  • · General management
  • · Marketing
  • · Statistics
  • · Financial Accounting
  • · Small and medium business management
  • · Business law
  • · Banking theory and practice
  • · Strategic management
  • · Physicality and finance
  • · Competitive mechanisms and prices
  • · Economical modeling
  • · European and international business environment
  • · Economic financial analysis
  • · Base of Economic investments
  • · Financial transactions and markets

The curriculumfocuses on the field competences that relate to IT, juridical and foreign languages.

The professional practice involves the training of students using practical activities amongst economy agents within small business, banks, insurance societies. Students are initiated in practical economical operations which define the economical, material and monetary fluxes.

Nowadays, students within Business Administration learn through their disciplines to be self confident, good managers from an economical point of view, serious resource administrators, capable of making future changing decisions. A good economist can face the economic situation, acts on the risk management principles and adopts decisions based on scientific considerations.

Furthermore, a graduate with a Business Administration degree can work in the private sector as well as in the public sector can operate within the production domain, sales and acquisitions can put forward activities that relate to quality management which promote competitive activities.


  • Prof.univ.dr. BONCIU CATALINA
  • Prof.univ.dr. BUCUR ION
  • Prof.univ.dr. CORNESCU VIOREL
  • Prof.univ.dr. CRETOIU GHEORGHE
  • Prof.univ.dr. DRUICA ELENA
  • Prof.univ.dr. GHIGA CONSTANTIN
  • Prof.univ.dr. MARINESCU PAUL
  • Prof.univ.dr. PLATIS MAGDALENA
  • Prof.univ.dr. TOMA SORIN
  • Conf.univ.dr. COMAN ADELA
  • Conf.univ.dr. NISTOR CORNELIA
  • Conf.univ.dr. PAPUC RAZVAN
  • Conf.univ.dr. RADULESCU CORINA
  • Lector univ.dr. BRATU ANCA
  • Lector univ.dr. BURCEA MARIN
  • Lector univ.dr. COJOCARU SILVIU
  • Lector univ.dr. ROTARU FLORIN
  • Lector univ.dr. UNGUREANU CARMEN
  • Asist.univ.dr. GHEORGHE CRISTINA
  • Asist.univ.dr. LEOVEANU VALENTIN
  • Prep.univ. BABAN ELEONORA
  • Prep.univ.drd. CONSTANTIN IONUT
  • Prep.univ.drd. HERMAN RADU
  • Prep.univ.drd. JOSAN IOANA JULIETA
  • Prep.univ.drd. NICULAE SABIN
  • Prep.univ.drd. SANDU MIHAELA
  • Prep.univ.drd. STROE ANDREEA


Following Romania’s adhering to the European Union and in accordance with Law 316 from July 12, 2006, the citizens from the European Union as well as the citizens from the Swiss Confederation and the European Economic Region may study at Romanian Higher Education Institutions in the same conditions as Romanian students do, that is :

  • They have to pass an entrance examination for all study levels ( Bachelor, Master, PhD), at the same dates and the same subjects as Romanian students.
  • The study fees are the same as for Romanian students, to be paid in Romanian currency (Ron). The fees may be updated every year.
  • The admission sessions usually are in July for Bachelor studies and in September for Master and PhD studies.
  • The exact examination data are available at every faculty of the university (they might differ slightly from one faculty to another).

In order to register for the entrance examination at any of the faculties of the University of Bucharest, the file must contain the following documents:

  • Certificate of equivalence of study documents
  • High school diploma + school records, in original and endorsed copies
  • Birth certificate, endorsed copy
  • Health certificate
  • Three photos size ¾
  • Passport or any other ID, in copy
  • Proof of payment for the examination taxes

Work Experience

No work experience is required.

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