Business Information Systems

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The objective of the programme is to equip students with a sound understanding of business information systems and to prepare them for working in positions with analytical demands in the IT branch and other industrial and service companies.

In order to implement new business ideas and improvements, business information systems must continually developed. Students therefore learn how to actively create business information systems by means of internet-based solutions and to constructively implement their own concepts in the operative system.

A balance of theoretical and practical knowledge and methodical competence as well as the integration of research content provides students the tools they need to question the traditional methods and develop innovative solutions.

Career perspectives

Our master's graduates are prepared to enter the workforce in positions in national and international companies. The individual design of the course of study, in which advanced economic core competencies are deepened in an applied context allows students to acquire key market qualifications. Our graduates are prepared to form supply chain management concepts in industry and retail, to further develop sales lines, to implement multi-channel marketing, to implement management information systems and to attain managerial positions in these areas later on.

At the same time, the degree is an excellent starting basis for doctoral studies at a university in Germany or abroad. Graduates can also enter well-known research institutes.

Occupational perspectives

Graduates of the master's programme can expect to find attractive and demanding management positions in the IT branch, which are distinguished by a high level of decision making and a large scope of responsibility.

Possible employers include IT companies as well as companies in other branches. Some examples of careers include work as an executive (such as an area manager) or in staff departments of larger companies. An example of an entry-level position is as an assistant to the Board of Directors.

The master's programme in business information systems is four semesters in length during which 120 credits are to be acquired. It is divided into the course phase (1st-3rd semester) and a master's thesis (4th semester).

The master's programme in business information systems is divided into the following three sections: compulsory, optional compulsory, and optional.

* In the compulsory section, students complete three courses: Integrated Application Systems, Modelling and Information Management, worth six credits each.
* In the optional compulsory section, 30 seminar credits must be completed.
* In the optional area, students can acquire a total of 42 credits from the thematic areas of business/economics, business information systems, methods or free selectable areas, whereby a maximum of 18 credits may only be earned in this latter area.
* The remaining 30 credits must be earned by completing a master's thesis.

Admission to the Master's programme is limited. The admission requirements are: * A completed course of study of at least six semesters in length at a German institution of higher education in a related subject, with an overall grade of at least 3.0. * Good knowledge of the German language. * Additionally recommended knowledge: For the Master's programme, especially good knowledge of English, Mathematics, Statistics and IT are highly recommended. Students whose performance in Mathematics and Statistics was not better than "sufficient" and whose knowledge of English and IT is poor are recommended to improve these areas before embarking on the Master's programme.Selection procedure and criteriaThe selection procedure is a two-step procedure with a pre-selection of applicants based on their written application and a personal selection interview with some of the applicants. The following points are evaluated in the pre-selection: * The applicant's explanation of his/her special interest in the programme, * The overall grade of the degree on which the application is based, * Furthermore, special knowledge and abilities in those subjects that qualify the applicant for the Masters programme (for example, special knowledge in business information systems, documented by a respective corresponding specialisation and performance during the course of study on which the application is based).Suitable candidates will be invited to an interview. The admission committee will inform the applicant of the result of the selection procedure in writing.


* The master's programme in business information systems is accredited by ZEvA Hannover (Central Evaluation and Accreditation Agency).

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