Fulda University of Applied Sciences

Hochschule Fulda.University of Applied Sciences

Fulda, Germany
Website: www.hs-fulda.de Founded: 1974 year StudyQA ranking: 793 pts. No. Students: 9329 Frgn. Students: 1535 No. Staff: 450 Languages: German Phone: +4966196400
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Fulda University of Applied Sciences is a practice-oriented university with an international profile and a strong focus on applied research. Fulda University is the first university of applied sciences in Germany with the independent right to confer doctoral degrees. Founded in 1974, the university currently encompasses eight departments with over 60 study programmes, approximately 9,300 students, and 1,500 international students from more than 100 countries. The university staff includes 170 professors as well as approx. 550 academic and administrative employees. The university offers a broad spectrum of academic and professional education. Numerous research and development projects are undertaken in cooperation with private business and industry. Fulda University cooperates with more than 100 universities around the world.
The number of international programmes is growing continuously. These programmes are partly or entirely taught in English. At the Bachelor's level, we currently offer three international Bachelor's programmes: "Science & Engineering", "International Health Sciences", and "International Business & Management". At the Master's level, we offer five programmes: "International Management", "Intercultural Communication and European Studies", "International Food Business and Consumer Studies", "Global Software Development", and "Human Rights in Politics, Law, and Society".

  • Business

    The Department of Business provides future and current students with a wide range of study programmes in business management and economic law. In these programmes we adopt a practical and research-based approach, while manageable group sizes ensure sufficient individual attention. Internationality is an essential component of many of our programmes. This is clearly reflected in our course content, our mandatory periods abroad and our involvement in a worldwide network of partner universities.

Fulda University was founded in 1974. Since the beginning it grew constantly. Over the years not only departments and study programmes have been added, but also the number of staff and students increased noticeably. Since 2008, Fulda University more than doubled its student population from 4,747 to 9,329. It is therefore considered one of the fastest growing universities in Germany.

According to higher education law in the state of Hesse, all study programmes at public universities have to be accredited. Most of Fulda University of Applied Sciences´ study programmes have been accredited by the “Accreditation Council”, the “Foundation for the Accreditation of Study Programmes in Germany”. Others are accredited by AQAS, AHPGS (Accreditation Agency in Health and Social Sciences) and ACQUIN.  

A historic city founded in 744, Fulda today has a population of nearly 70,000. Fulda's Baroque Quarter is one of the most beautiful in Germany and attracts visitors from all over the world. The picturesque Old Town has many cafés, bars, and pubs, with interesting shops and boutiques. The city's cultural life has something to offer for everyone. The high quality of life makes Fulda a great place to live and an ideal place to study. Fulda enjoys ideal public transport connections. One of Europe's principal international airports, Frankfurt International, is just an hour away by car or direct train. Other major cities in Germany, like Berlin, Munich, Cologne, or Hamburg, are within easy reach and no more than three hours away by train. Even famous European capitals like Paris are reachable within no more than five hours by train.

The University has a pleasant campus, with attractive buildings grouped around a central plaza. Everything is just minutes away from everything else. A large cafeteria as well as a café, a snack bar and a food truck can be found directly on campus. A bakery and supermarket are located just across the street. The city centre is in walking distance, about 20 minutes away, but also well connected with a bus that stops right in front of campus. 

Fulda University does not only have sports facilities for football and basketball directly on campus, it also has its own sport programme open to all students, employees and the public.The offer comprises Aikido, Badminton, Volleyball, Cricket, Belly Dance, Boxing, Fitness, Golf, Fencing, Judo, Lacrosse, Pilates, Swimming, Table Tennis, Yoga and many more.

  1. A wide range of options
  2. Applied sciences – combining theory and practice
  3. Dual study programmes – a German success story
  4. State-of-the-art equipment and the latest technology
  5. From preparatory course to doctorate
  6. Thriving international community
  7. Short distances and close personal contact
  8. Support where it is needed
  9. Historic city with a central location
  10. Recreational amenities
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