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Understanding taxation is critical to every business decision and many personal decisions as well. Whether you are preparing for a career as a tax professional in public accounting, industry, government or the investment arena or are starting your own business, tax planning must be done. Because of the complexity of the tax law and its pervasive influence, people facing tax decisions routinely call on tax professionals for advice in planning and structuring their affairs in order to comply with the law and to ensure economic good sense.

The Master of Business Taxation (MBT) program is designed to develop the skills and expertise professionals need to assist individuals and firms trying to cope with myriad tax legislation and regulation at both the federal and local levels. The program offers students: 1) technical and conceptual knowledge; 2) professional development; 3) research and lifelong learning; 4) ethical and professional standards; and 5) globalization and diversity.

The Master of Business Taxation degree requires 48 units, including fundamentals, core requirements, and electives.

Academic Background Review and Waivers

The Leventhal School of Accounting Master's Program Office evaluates the academic background of each admitted student to determine the courses required to complete the program.   

Students admitted for summer term start with ACCT 525 x Intensive Accounting Principles and Practices -- an eight-week, 40 hours-per-week course for students who have not completed undergraduate degrees or other extensive course work in accounting.  This course must be completed successfully prior to beginning the core in the fall.

Students admitted for fall term generally hold a bachelor's degree in Accounting and are waived from the 15 unit ACCT 525x class reducing the number of units required to earn the degree to 33.

USC BS in Accounting students may qualify for waiver of an additional six units reducing the number of units required to earn the degree to 27. (USC BS in Accounting students should meet with a graduate adviser during their junior year to determine if they qualify.)

Any of the groups listed above who have taken an equivalent of GSBA 548 Corporate Finance may petition to waive out of the requirement, reducing the number of units required to complete the degree by 3 units.

Fundamentals (18 units)

  • ACCT 525x Intensive Accounting Principles and Practices Units: 15
  • GSBA 548 Corporate Finance Units: 2, 3

Core Program (18 Units)

  • ACCT 530L Ethics for Professional Accountants Units: 3
  • ACCT 550T Tax Research and Professional Responsibilities Units: 3
  • ACCT 551T Taxation of Partnerships and S-Corps Units: 3
  • ACCT 560T Tax Theory and Ethics Units: 3
  • ACCT 561T Income Tax of Corporations and Their Shareholders Units: 3

At least one from the following (to be determined by previous course work)

  • BUCO 504T Writing for Accounting and Tax Professionals Units: 3 or
  • GSBA 523T Communication for Accounting and Tax Professionals Units: 3 or
  • BUCO 503 Advanced Managerial Communication Units: 1.5, 3

Elective Course Work (12 Units)

Select at least 9 units from the following list. Three additional units may be selected from this list or any 500-level elective from ACCT, BAEP, BUCO, DSO, FBE, GSBA, MKT or MOR.

  • ACCT 563T Federal Estate and Gift Taxes Units: 3
  • ACCT 567T Taxation of Transactions in Property Units: 3
  • ACCT 568T International Taxation Units: 3
  • ACCT 569T Advanced Partnership Taxation Units: 3
  • ACCT 570T State and Local Tax Concepts Units: 3
  • ACCT 571T Taxation of Individuals Units: 3
  • ACCT 573T Federal Tax Procedure Units: 3
  • ACCT 576T Tax Consolidations Units: 3
  • ACCT 578T Advanced Corporate Taxation Units: 3
  • ACCT 580T Tax Accounting Methods Units: 3
  • ACCT 582 Accounting for Mergers and Acquisitions Units: 3
  • ACCT 583 Income Tax Accounting and Auditing Units: 3
  • ACCT 584 Family Wealth Preservation Units: 3
  • ACCT 586 Financial Reporting Topics and Analysis for Tax Professionals Units: 3
  • Online Application
  • Prerequisite Coursework
  • Official Transcripts
  • GMAT
  • Personal Statement
  • Two Letters of Recommendation
  • Resume
  • Interview (by invitation)
  • Application Fee

International Applicants must also include: 

  • English Language Exams. TOEFL- 103 (iBT), IELTS - 7.5
  • Proof of Financial Support (I-20 Form)


The University does not provide application fee waivers to international students nor are they eligible for federal or university need-based financial aid from the USC Financial Aid Office. As a result, all international students should be prepared to meet all expenses from their own resources. Financial aid for international students is extremely limited and therefore should not be relied upon.

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