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The Polish Scientific Research Council surveys regularly rank the Chemistry Department of the University of Warsaw among the top graduate and research institutes in terms of the excellence of its faculty and the quality of faculty research and publications. Furthermore, the Polish Chemical Society considers this department to be one of the best schools nationwide.

The faculty is of international repute. Keeping close relations with their colleagues abroad, the scientists often inspire new scientific ideas. The laboratories at the Department are well equipped, enabling students and staff to conduct high level research activities.

The undergraduate, graduate, and advanced graduate programs offer unique learning opportunities that combine general education with basic skills and knowledge in chemistry. These programs equip people for employment in various chemistry related fields.
Currently, 700 students are enrolled at the Chemistry Department of the University of Warsaw and, each year, 80-90 students obtain their M.Sc. Diploma. Students who achieve a grade-point average of 4.0 receive scientific stipends. Students, who obtained their M.Sc. diplomas at the Department, are encouraged to continue their studies as Ph.D. students.

The Ph.D. studies are tuition-free; students receive stipends and are usually eligible for a low cost accommodation in a residence. At the moment, about 100 students are enrolled in a Ph. D. program at the Department.

The second degree (MA) Chemistry Studies in English at Warsaw University are run within six specialized areas: physicochemistry of new materials, theoretical chemistry, organic synthesis, chemical technology, bioanalytics and analytics of the environment and crystallography. Students can choose specialization after completing the first semester of studies.

In order to do that they have to apply for an interview with a faculty member who is in charge of a given specialization and who will acquaint them with general options of doing their MA work . Each student will then be allocated to his/ her MA supervisor and together they will tailor the course of studies within the specialized area to meet students specific needs.

Professors, assistant professors and those faculty members of the Chemistry Department who hold a Ph.D. degree and are approved by the Faculty Board, are eligible to supervise MA work provided they confirm their readiness to conduct classes and supervise written work in English. During the second degree studies students have to gather at least 120 ECTS points and obtain credits for at least 1000 hours of classes and lectures.

A graduate profile:
It is expected of a graduate from the second degree Chemistry Studies in English that he/she will:

- possess sufficient knowledge of chemistry, considerably improved since the first degree course;

- be fluent in and possess working knowledge of the issues within the chosen area;

-be prepared to work in chemical laboratories, both traditional and those equipped with the state-of -the-art technology;

-be capable of gathering and critically analyzing data necessary to publish research results;

To be eligible for admission to the higher degree studies, a candidate has to hold a degree of Bachelor, Master , engineer or an equivalent degree in any academic subject and to produce document(s) acknowledging his/her sufficient proficiency in English.A candidate is qualified according to his/her GPA from the first degree studies, or a completed Masters course. If a candidate has obtained his/her degree in a country where a grading system is different from that which is obligatory in Poland , his/ her GPA is drawn from the list of grades received in the whole course of studies. Whenever applicable, a candidate is obliged to submit such a list with other documents. English Language Requirements IELTS band: 7 TOEFL paper-based test score : 600 TOEFL iBT® test: 100
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