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Clinical Psychology Health

Study mode:On campus Study type:Full-time Languages: English
Local:$ 37.2 k / Year(s) Foreign:$ 37.2 k / Year(s) Deadline: Jan 15, 2023
StudyQA ranking:1703 Duration:5 years

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The overarching mission of the program is to train qualified clinicians, academic scholars, and applied researchers in clinical psychology. Embedded in this mission statement are core values of Yeshiva University that include: (1) bringing wisdom to life; (2) love of knowledge for its own sake; (3) a commitment to excellence in teaching and research; and (4) the view that liberal arts and social sciences are compatible with high ethical and moral standards. At the graduate level of training, this mission is manifested through an emphasis on the ethical and moral principles that govern professional scientist-practitioners' search for knowledge.

The Program's training philosophy is aimed at training psychologists who are both clinically and academically prepared to work as clinicians and researchers in diverse settings. This program design is based on the premise that psychologists working in mental and physical health settings need a strong foundation of clinical and research skills, to enable graduates to provide superior clinical services and make meaningful research contributions.  The foundations of psychology represent the primary base, with in-depth training in general clinical psychology. This training base is complemented by training in health psychology, physiological bases of behavior, and public health systems.  In addition to broad-based training in clinical psychology, the primary goals of our program are briefly described below. 

  • Goal 1: Provide sequential and cumulative training of increasing complexity in evidence-based psychological and healthcare assessment, intervention, and consultation services. 
  • Goal 2: Produce independent researchers capable of contributing to the scientific body of knowledge in the field of clinical psychology as it is applied to diverse health issues, and able to educate and mentor future researchers in the field. 
  • Goal 3: Train effective clinical providers and researchers, through comprehensive training that is cumulative and graded in complexity in psychological theories, clinical practice, and research with clinical health psychology as an emphasis.  
  • Goal 4: Provide comprehensive training in the professional values, attitudes, standards and ethics of clinical work and research with diverse individuals and groups. 

Our teaching and training philosophy is consistent with the Boulder model of the scientist-practitioner. Furthermore, in our view and interpretation of the Boulder model the integration of the functions of the scientist and practitioner is critical in advancing the science and practice of clinical psychology; and in translating empirically based assessment and treatment approaches to diverse settings.


  • Specialty Research Seminar I*
  • Statistics I
  • Concepts in Psychotherapy 
  • Research Methods in Clinical Health Psychology
  • Clinical Interviewing
  • Intellectual & Cognitive Assessment
  • Assessment Lab
  • Externship Planning I


  • Specialty Research Seminar II 
  • Statistics II 
  • Issues in Professional Practice 
  • Behavioral Medicine Therapy & Practicum (BMed) I 
  • Personality Assessment
  • Assessment Lab
  • Psychopathology & Illness
  • Externship Planning II  


  • Specialty Research Seminar I 
  • History & Systems
  • BMed II 
  • Physiological Health Psychology 
  • Externship I


  • Specialty Research Seminar II
  • The Science of Cognitive & Affective Function 
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy
  • Social Psychology
  • Externship II


  • Specialty Research Seminar I 
  • Social and Behavioral Dimensions of Public Health I
  • Developmental Psychology Across the Lifespan
  • Externship III 


  • Specialty Research Seminar II
  • Multicultural & Diversity Issues 
  • Cognitive & Affective Bases of Behavior
  • Externship IV


  • Specialty Research Seminar I
  • Test Construction
  • Dissertation Planning I 
  • Externship V


  • Specialty Research Seminar II
  • Psychopharmacology
  • Dissertation Planning II 
  • Externship VI 


  • Doctoral Internship I 


  • Doctoral Internship II
  1. Ferkauf accepts applications from students of various academic backgrounds; however, undergraduate (bachelor's) degrees must reflect a balanced curriculum including liberal arts and science components.
  2. All applicants are required to take the General Graduate Record Examination (GRE). Please visit the Electronic Testing Services (ETS) Web site for testing locations and dates in your area, The Institution Code for the General and Subject GREs is 2995.
  3. The GRE Psychology Subject Test is a recommendation for applicants (especially those who are applying to the Combined School Clinical Child Psychology, PsyD Program) who will be earning or have earned a bachelor's and/or master's degree in psychology but is not a requirement. Applicants will not be penalized if they choose not to take this exam.
  4. If you are an international student and English is not your primary language, we recommend that you take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). The Institution Code for the TOEFL is 2883. Please send two copies of your TOEFL score record.
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