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  • 2 years

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    Nordic Master of Arts in Dance studies (NO-MA-DS) is run in cooperation between the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and the Universities of Copenhagen, Stockholm and Tampere. Such cooperation creates the synergetic effect by putting competences of teachers together and crossing the boundaries between genres, countries, arts and sciences. The compulsory courses in NO-MA-DS emphasise theories and methods, dance analysis and the history of dance.

    The Nordic Specialisation is a formalised institutional co-operation that intersects historical and national borders within disciplines concerning students and lecturers. The programme of study combines professional artistic, ethnological/anthropological, and common cultural-anthropological approaches. Furthermore, it includes in-depth studies within a number of genres of dance.
    The compulsory courses represent the joint academic basis for the master's programme, and emphasise theory and method, dance analysis and the history of dance. The instruction of these courses is structured around intensive periods of teaching and academic supervision. The coursework amounts to three semesters of full-time study. The master's thesis awards 30 ECTS credits and is written during the two final semesters of study.

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