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The new BADAS degree will allow a choice from three potential areas of concentration for students:

  • Systems Design – Focused on technical art and digital animation. Students will learn digital animation, interface protocols and programming, game design, and media systems development. Appropriate for those with strong interest and some background in technology or programming.
  • Media & Storytelling – Focused on using digital media to effectively communicate and craft new forms of stories. Students will learn strategic digital communication, linear and non-linear narrative, messaging, and branding using traditional and emerging technologies including social media. Appropriate for writers and communicators wishing to acquire fluency and expertise in the digital arts and sciences.
  • Design & Production – Focused on using digital media to design virtual and augmented environments, projection and audio design, and digitally-enhanced performances. Appropriate for students with identified interests in traditional areas including music, dance, theatre and design arts wishing to merge these interests with digital technology and production techniques.

Detailed Course Facts

Application deadline MARCH 15;APRIL 15 Tuition fee Visit Programme Website Start date Any time 2015 Languages Take an IELTS test
  • English
Delivery mode Online Educational variant Full-time Structure Fully structured Student interaction Online group works/assignments Attendance No Attendance Teacher support Continuous support with feedback on request More information Go To The Course Website

Course Content


  • DIG3020: Foundations of Digital Culture (FDC)

  • DIG3305C: 3D Digital Animation Techniques (3DAT)

  • DIG3313C: 2D Digital Animation Techniques (2DAT)

  • DIG3433: Interactive Storytelling (IST)

  • DIG3506: Interdisciplinary Design Methods for DAS (IDM)

  • DIG3525C: DAS Design and Production Studio 1 (DPS1)

  • DIG3526C: DAS Design and Production Studio 2 (DPS2)

  • DIG3588C: Digital Portfolio (DPO)

  • DIG3713C: Game Design Practices I (GDP1)

  • DIG3873: Theory of Digital Media Protocols (TMP)

  • DIG3878: Applied Digital Media Protocols (AMP)

  • DIG4097C: Entrepreneurship in New Media (ENM)

  • DIG4154: Advanced Writing for Interactive Media (AWM)

  • DIG4255C: Audio Design for Digital Production (ADDP)

  • DIG4283: Music and Sound Design for Digital Media (SDM)

  • DIG4306C: Advanced Digital Animation Techniques (ADAT)

  • DIG4527C: DAS Design and Production Studio 3 (DPS3)

  • DIG4583C: DAS Design and Production Studio 4 (DPS4)

  • DIG4715C: Game Design Practices II (GDP2)

  • DIG4841C: Undergraduate Research Forum (URF)

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Online students at the University of Florida are eligible for consideration for a wide range of federal, state and institutional aid as administered by the Office for Student Financial Affairs (SFA), which also administers a limited number of privately funded scholarships. These include:

  • Grants. Considered gift aid — no repayment required — and awarded to students showing the greatest financial need.
  • Scholarships. Considered gift aid, as they do not have to be repaid and do not require recipients to perform services.
  • Student Employment. Considered self-help aid, as students are offered aid in exchange for a service. The Student Employment Office assists enrolled students seeking part-time employment through various job programs.
  • Loans. Considered self-help aid as loans are a form of aid that must be repaid. UF primarily offers student loans through the Federal Direct Loan Program, but there are a number of other loan programs available at UF.
  • Non-SFA Administered Aid. Numerous aid programs are administered by entities outside of SFA including State of Florida aid programs, SFA Resource Center scholarships, academic scholarships and endowed scholarships.


The University of Florida is a comprehensive learning institution built on a land-grant foundation. We are The Gator Nation, a diverse community dedicated to excellence in education and research and shaping a better future for Florida, the nation and the world.

Our mission is to enable our students to lead and influence the next generation and beyond for economic, cultural and societal benefit.

The university welcomes the full exploration of its intellectual boundaries and supports its faculty and students in the creation of new knowledge and the pursuit of new ideas.

  • Teaching is a fundamental purpose of this university at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.
  • Research and scholarship are integral to the educational process and to the expansion of our understanding of the natural world, the intellect and the senses.
  • Service reflects the university's obligation to share the benefits of its research and knowledge for the public good. The university serves the nation's and the state's critical needs by contributing to a well-qualified and broadly diverse citizenry, leadership and workforce.

The University of Florida must create the broadly diverse environment necessary to foster multi-cultural skills and perspectives in its teaching and research for its students to contribute and succeed in the world of the 21st century.

These three interlocking elements — teaching, research and scholarship, and service — span all the university's academic disciplines and represent the university's commitment to lead and serve the state of Florida, the nation and the world by pursuing and disseminating new knowledge while building upon the experiences of the past. The university aspires to advance by strengthening the human condition and improving the quality of life.

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