Business Administration

Study type:Part-time Languages: English
Local:$ 10 k / Year(s) Foreign:$ 10 k / Year(s)  
StudyQA ranking:5175 Duration:36 months



The BSL Doctorate in Business Administration is designed for the following public:
° MBA or Masters degree holders and practitioners with 2 or more years of post graduate work experience
° Senior Managers with alternative qualifications and successful careers
° Academics wishing to progress their careers with a doctoral thesis

A DBA is a research based degree where our research contributes to business and management to embrace its responsiblity. We add value to the well-being of the business community, favoring issues involving practical considerations in ethics, sustainability, professional development, governance and alternative business models.

BSL's doctoral program is an integral part of our research with the goal to contribute to resolve the key issues in business & management of the 21st century. We focus on the follow research domains:

* Business sustainability and ethics
* Entrepreneurship and strategic thinking
* Leadership and management effectiveness
* Alternative business models and new ideas
* Higher business education

About Business School Lausanne

Business School Lausanne is a leading innovator in business education and ranks 3rd in Switzerland (QS 2010-11 Top 200 Global Business Schools). The schools ACBSP accredited degree programs include BBA and Specialized Masters, full-time modular MBA, Executive MBA and DBA programs. BSL takes a pragmatic approach to learning by applying theory to practice and is backed by a multidisciplinary faculty of business professionals. BSL attracts students from around the world, creating a multicultural environment of more than 40 nationalities. Established in 1987, BSL is a co-founder of the World Business School Council of Sustainable Business (


The BSL DBA is designed for professionals around the globe to complete their doctoral studies in three years with only 4 visits to BSL in Switzerland during their studies:

Year 0 - Admission process (approx 3 -4 months)

Proposal & application - Meet supervisors, DBA Director in Switzerland - Admission to DBA program

Year 1 - Anchor and plan project

Anchor research - Meet supervisors, DBA Director in Switzerland, Plan projects

Year 2 - Launch research project

Launch projects, Report research, Meet supersivors, DBA Director in Switzerland, Deepen research

Year 3 - Consolidate and finish research

Consolidate research, Submit full thesis, Approval of full thesis

Year 4 - Defend Research

Arrange defense, academic council with BSL, Publish Thesis (online, in book form etc), Defend Thesis in Switzerland


1. Degree certificate

2. CV and motivation letter

3. 2 recommendation letters including one from a professor

4. English Proficency

5. A basic Thesis outline

6. A telephone interview with the Dean

*The proposal should be word processed and around 5 to 10 pages in length ex. You can follow the guide below.

I. Thesis title: Your proposal needs to have a Thesis title. At this stage it is a working title that may be changed later if a more appropriate wording is found

II. What is your thesis about?This should give a clear indication of the aims of your Thesis.

III. What is you research question and hypothesis?The question you want to answer should be explicit. The research question may lead to 1 key hypothesis which will need to be verified.




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