East Asia Sustainable Economic Development Studies

Study mode:On campus Study type:Full-time Languages: Japanese
Foreign:$ 4.04 k / Year(s) Deadline: Apr 30, 2023
54 place StudyQA ranking:1998 Duration: You need IELTS certificate

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This programme is designed to provide international students with both advanced academic knowledge and practical skills. It consists of a two year Masterʼs programme and a three year Doctoral programme, both starting from October. Our students are from a variety of countries including China, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Viet Nam, Germany, Romania, Italy, Turkey, Egypt, UK, U.S.A, Mexico and Japan. The programme is offered in English, and Japanese language skills are not required at the time of admission. The Masterʼs programme offers both basic and advanced courses through which students can enjoy a comprehensive curriculum. The Doctoral programme offers Overseas Field Research and International Graduate Student Workshop subjects through which students further develop a deep understanding of the current issues in East Asia.

In addition to classes designed specifically for this programme, students will participate in selected courses at the Graduate School of Economics as well as other graduate schools. Students will develop academic knowledge and practical skills in international setting. We offer many opportunities to conduct field research at diverse sites such as large manufacturing plants and small factories, cutting-edge businesses and rural farming communities throughout East Asia so that students can develop a multidisciplinary and critical sense of reality. These are all needed to contribute to sustainable development in East Asia as academic researchers, government officials, or social entrepreneurs.

  • To achieve Pre‐Doctoral certification (which qualifies a student to submit his/her Doctoral thesis for defence), the Programme requires the minimum of 24 credits in the three‐year duration.
    • Obligatory 16 credits will be given for Thesis Research, which must be conducted under supervision of both your main and sub supervisors (8 credits from each supervisor).
    • 8 credits or more must be taken in Advanced Subjects A and B, 2 credits or more of which must be taken in Advanced Subjects B. You can also count the following credits as part of Advanced Subjects A and B: (i) those from subjects that are not included in the list below but offered at the Graduate School of Economics; (ii) those from subjects offered at other Graduate Schools of Kyoto University; or (iii) those from subjects offered at other universities that have international academic exchange agreements with Kyoto University or the Graduate School of Economics. In the cases of (i), (ii) and (iii), you are required to get recommendation and approval from your supervisor(s).
  • You must submit your research plan and progress report every year. To achieve Pre‐Doctoral certification, you must submit the final report of your research achievements for the three years.
  • After taking Pre‐Doctoral certification, you are required to indicate your intention to (or not to) continue in the programme in a form of documents before the middle of September. If you would not indicate any intention, you would be regarded to continue in the programme, and have to pay tuition fee.
  • The duration must be within the maximum of six years, excluding the period of a leave of absence.
  • In addition to the above credit requirements and Pre‐Doctoral certification, you are required to write a doctoral dissertation, which must be approved by the examining committee members (including your supervisors) and defended in a final oral examination in order to complete a Doctoral degree.

Basic Courses

Course Title Instructor(s) Credits
2117 Field Research in Japan A Tokumaru/Inoue/Tanaka/
2117 Field Research in Japan B Tokumaru/Shioji/Kurosawa/
2117 Research Design A Inaba   2
2119 Research Design B Maswana 2  
7016 Introduction to East Asian Economies Yano/Nakano/Ohnishi   2
7017 Firms and Industrial Organization in Japan Hikino/Colpan   2
7018 Microeconomics Chiba 2  
7019 Macroeconomics Yuki 2  
7020 Econometrics t.b.a.    
7063 Political Economy Yang/Uni   2
7013 Economic History Sakade/Watanabe/Kurosawa    
7047 Comparative Industry Policy Studies Kurosawa/Hisano     2
7056 Comparative Business Ethics Tokumaru   2  
7057 Academic Writing & Discussion Tokumaru 2    
7077 Introduction to Field Research Methods Vixathep   2  
7083 Accounting Tsay   2
7100 Qualitative Research Methods Feuer   2

Advanced Courses A


Course Title Instructor(s) Credits
7033 Economic Philosophy t.b.a.    
7034 Japanese Economic History Watanabe 2  
7051 Econometric Analysis of Asian Economies Yano 2  
7078 Econometric Analysis of Developing Economies Yano   2
7036 Contemporary Japanese Industry Studies Shioji   2
7037 Contemporary Chinese Economy Studies Liu 2  
7055 International Political Economy of Agriculture Hisano   2
7053 International Agribusiness Studies Hisano 2  
7038 International Finance Theory Iwamoto NA  
7039 International Trade Theory Jinji 2  
7085 Development Economics 2 Kono 2  
7086 Development Economics 1 Kono   2
7032 Macroeconomic Policy Analysis Tsuruga 2  
7041 Environmental Economic Studies Ueta 2  
7042 Sustainable Development Studies Ueta 2  
7043 Social Policy Studies Hisamoto 2  
7080 Study of Developing Economies (Seminar) Mieno 2   
7081 Study of Emerging Economies (Seminar) Mieno   2
7024 Comparative Development Studies Hisano/Jussaume/t.b.a.     2
7064 Economic Development in Asia Hisano/Augustin-Jean   2  
  Agricultural Science and Society Hisano/Schakel   2  
  Qualitative Research Methods Hisano/Feuer ? 2 ?

International Business

6771 Strategic Management Colpan   2
7087 Corporate Financinance and Capital Markets Kumagai 2  
7088 Political Economy of Biotechnology Development and Commons Hisano/Guido 2  
7079 Governance, Risk Management & Compliance Hikino   2
6748 Technological Change in World History t.b.a.   NA
1085 Readings on Institutional Economics Ialnazov   2
1086 Readings on International Economics Ialnazov 2  
2113 Readings on Organizational Behaviour Inaba 2  
2115 Readings on Human Resources Inaba   2
6752 Environmental Economics Inoue 2  
6754 Environmental Management Inoue   2
7073 ASEAN Economy & Sustainable Development 1 Lambino   2  
7074 ASEAN Economy & Sustainable Development 2 Vixathep     2
7075 Geopolitical Economy of Development Lambino 2    
7076 Sustainable Development and Ethics Choy   2  
7082 Global Financial Crisis and Asia Nidhiprabha/Lambino 1    
7084 Marketing Management Deniz Atik   NA
7025 Overseas Field Research Hisano/Yano/Tokumaru 2 2
7066 Internship Tokumaru/Inoue 2 2

Advanced Courses B


Course Title Instructor(s) Credits
Case Studies in East Asian Economy A t.b.a.      
Case Studies in East Asian Economy B t.b.a.      
7059 Field Research in East Asian Region A (China) Yano/Liu       
7060 Field Research in East Asian Region B (Korea) Tokumaru/Shioji    2
7061 Field Research in East Asian Region C (ASEAN) Hisano/Lambino    2  
7070 International Graduate Student Workshop Hisano/Yano/Tokumaru 2
  • Applicants who have already obtained or will obtain a Master’s degree including MBA by the enrollment day at Kyoto University.
  • Applicants who are enrolled or were enrolled at universities in China, Hong Kong or Taiwan are required to go through the screening process by Admissions Assistance Office (AAO). Please refer to the following web page for more detail.
  • Application Form (see below)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Reasons for Application, Research Proposal, and Plan after Programme Completion. The research proposal must be well structured according to a standard academic style (for example, it would include the background of research, research objectives, literature survey, research questions, methodology, expected results and implications, and reference list). It must also be approximately five A4 pages in length.
  • Transcript of Academic Record of your Master’s study from the institute previously attended. In case the original transcript is in languages other than Japanese and English, a translated document in Japanese or English must be attached.
  • Applicants whose first language is other than English are required to submit a photocopy of official notice of TOEFL, TOEIC, or IELTS scores taken within two years before the application deadline.
  • Certificate(s) of Graduation from the graduate school(s) previously attended. If you are a currently enrolled student, please include a certificate of expected graduation. In case the original certificate is in languages other than English and Japanese, a translated document in English or Japanese must be attached.
  • Letter of Recommendation from an applicant’s supervisor, the dean, or the head of the institute attended. The letter can be sent directly from an applicant’s supervisor to the Programme Committee.
  • Reference Paper such as Master’s thesis or an equivalent paper. If the paper is written in languages other than Japanese and English, a translated summary in Japanese or English must be attached.
  • Examination fee (JPY30,000), admission fee (JPY282,000) and tuition fee (JPY535,800/year)
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