Rural and Regional Development

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Foreign:$ 4.11 k / Year(s) Deadline: Jan 1, 2024
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Rural and regional development program to educate the researchers, development practitioners and specialists in the field of rural and regional development management with emphasis on rural development. In the developing countries, the share of agriculture in GDP has decreased while most of the people engaged in agriculture still constitute more than half of the population. Such situation makes rural development a core subject in the field of regional development. Therefore the curriculum will deal on the learning from field experiences which are related to project management. Rural development requires interdisciplinary approach and thus the need to integrate knowledge from various disciplines. This program thus consists of macro-level subjects such as policy, economic and social studies as general subjects. Particular subjects include analysis of the issues of income, education, and welfare and promotion approach in the rural areas. Discussions will include suitable development strategy for the country in the context of rural-urban area or agriculture-industry relationships. Further, Japanese development experiences and their applicability in the case of developing countries will be discussed. ODA and NGO project experiences will be used for project management methods while participatory approach will be used as development tool for community development.

For the doctoral program, the students, based from their learning from the master program such as analytical skills on development, have to learn to design their own research approach, which are related to rural development. For this purpose, students should be actively involved in fieldwork to get more information and data to come up with more accurate and quality research. 

GSID Common Subjects

Development Literacy

  • Introduction to International Development
  • Japan's Development Experience


  • Introduction to Questionaire
  • Survey and Interview
  • Introduction to Linguistics
  • Information Processing

Lectures by Development Experts

  • Development Cooperation 
  • Development Assistance
  • Non-Governmetal Organizations
  • Organization for International Cooperation
  • International Understanding and Community


  • Preparatory Seminar for GSID
  • Overseas Fieldwork
  • GSID Overseas Fieldwork
  • Preparatory Seminar for GSID
  • Domestic Fieldwork
  • GSID Domestic Fieldwork
  • Independet Overseas Fieldwork I
  • Independet Overseas Fieldwork II
  • Independet Domestic Fieldwork Ⅰ
  • Independet Domestic Fieldwork II


  • GSID Common Seminar I 
  • GSID Common Seminar II 
  • GSID Common Special Lectures I
  • GSID Common Special Lectures II

Core Subjects (required) 


  • Rural Development
  • Regional Development Planning*
  • Social Development Theory and Practice
  • Indigenous Development and Capacity Building in Rural Areas 

Required Electives

  • Development Sociology
  • Development Economics 
  • Development Project Management
  • Participatory Rural Industry Promotion


  • Seminar on Rural and Regional 
  • Management Ia,Ⅰb,Ⅱa,Ⅱb

Core Subjects (electives) 

  • Urban and Rural Relations 
  • Regional Environment Management
  • Participatory Development and Socio-Cultural Change
  • Lecture on Rural and Regional Development I 
  • Lecture on Rural and Regional Development II
  • Special Lecture on Rural and Regional Development I
  • Special Lecture on Rural and Regional Development II

Electives offered by Cooperative Units 

  • Lecture on Development Policy I
  • Lecture on Development Policy II
  • Seminar on Development Policy I
  • Seminar on Development Policy II
  • Lecture on Management Development I
  • Lecture on Management Development II
  • Seminar on Management Development I
  • Seminar on Management Development II
  • TOEFL: minimum score of 80 iBT; 550 PBT
  • IELTS: minimum band score of 6 
  • Application fee: JPY 5,000
  • Payment of the registration fee (JPY 282,000)
  • Application Form
  • Bachelor's Degree Diploma (or Prospective Bachelor's Degree Diploma) from Your University (Original Copy)
  • Academic Transcript from the graduate school
  • Certificate of Master's degree
  • Research Proposal
  • Statement concerning applicant's working and/or research experience.
  • Photograph card, Examinee's registration card and receipt forms
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Letter of Self-Recommendation
  • Summary of Undergraduate Graduation Research
  • Major Publications
  • Documents Showing Other Strengths
  • Document Validating Your Nationality and Residence Status
  • Japanese Government (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) Scholarship Application Form


  • Japanese Government (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) Scholarship
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