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The 90 credit Associate in Arts transfer degree is designed to meet the general education requirements at Washington State four-year institutions and prepares students for a Bachelor of Arts or Science degree in Economics. When selecting a transfer institution, students will need to choose between a more quantitative/applied approach to Economics (B.S.) or a social science approach (B.A.), depending on career goals. Economics is also an excellent major for graduate studies in Social Sciences, Business, Law, Education, Urban Studies, Public and/or Health Administration.

Economics is the study of the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services, using supply, demand and price theory. Economists are also concerned with issues of investments, inflation, unemployment and the allocation of resources. As an interdisciplinary major, Economics often includes courses in mathematics, accounting, business, political science, geography, sociology, and environmental sciences.

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Dorothy Ball Gough Scholarship for Women
Dorothy Ball Gough was a strong supporter of Shoreline Community College. As stated by Dorothy, "I was not fortunate to have children; therefore, I had no expense putting a child through school and this is my way of helping a woman through school, an opportunity I didn't have ..." This scholarship will be offered to a woman over the age of 30 who plans to attend Shoreline Community College and meets the eligibility criteria.

Friends of Mary Automotive Scholarship
The Friends of Mary Automotive Scholarship was established by the friends and family of Mary Nelson, a Shorewood High School Graduate who attended SCC. This scholarship is in memory of Mary and her love of autos and provides financial assistance to women in the automotive program at Shoreline Community College.

na Knutsen Scholarship
Ina Knutsen was the first female member of the Shoreline Community College Board of Trustees. Ina wanted to continue her strong commitment to education and established the Ina Knutsen Scholarship fund. Applicant must be a single parent with a child/children under age 18 living at home. Preference is given to single fathers.

Joan Heeter Memorial Nursing Scholarship

Joan Heeter became a nurse after she attended Olympic College in her 50s. Her husband established this fund in memory of his wife after her passing. This scholarship is for nursing students and will be awarded based on need and with preference given to midlife women returning to school.

SCC Full-Time Continuing Student Scholarship
The Shoreline Community College Foundation will offer scholarships to SCC students who will be continuing their education at Shoreline during the upcoming school year. These scholarships are available for students who demonstrate good academic performance and involvement in school and/or community activities.


Merit Scholarship
The purpose of  this scholarship is to encourage students who have demonstrated outstanding potential to succeed. The student should believe that the opportunity offered by a Shoreline Community College education would be an integral part of reaching educational goals.

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