Economics (International Economics: Case of Russia)

Study mode:On campus Study type:Full-time Languages: English
Local:$ 4.02 k / Year(s) Foreign:$ 4.02 k / Year(s)  
174 place StudyQA ranking:6323 Duration:24 months

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The goal of the program is to train the foreign students to use the profound knowledge in Economics for making effective business cooperation with the Russian companies.

Description of the program

The discipline of International Economics covers various economic interactions between countries. It concerns the proper implementation of economic resources with the account of consumer preferences at the international level. It implies the patterns and consequences of transactions and interactions between the countries, including trade, international investment and migration.

In the framework of international trade the course describes and predicts goods and services flows across international boundaries on the supply and demand basis with the effect of economic integration and globalization.

It describes the international finance with the flow of capital via international financial markets and their effects on exchange rates. It studies international monetary economics and macroeconomics with the macro flows across the countries. International negotiations, international sanctions, national security, international agreements and financial stability are controversial topics in economics.

Advantages of the program

The program has been designed according to a progressive approach to equip the foreign students with the proper competences and skills for doing effective business in Russia.

Teaching staff and technologies

  • Doctors of sciences, professors, scholars, practicians.
  • E-learning, smart technologies

Program Curriculum Structure

I. Core Courses

  • Microeconomics (Advanced Level)
  • Macroeconomics (Advanced Level)
  • Econometrics (advanced level)
  • International relations
  • Regulation of external economic relations
  • Smart Economy

II. Elective Courses

  • International Business
  • Corporate Finance
  • International Taxation: Russian Practice
  • Governance and global civil society
  • Macroeconomic statistics
  • International statistics
  • Business-Government Interaction in EU
  • Human capital investment instruments
  • Financial services and modern financial instruments
  • History of Russia
  • Law of Russia
  • Russian Language
  • Strategic Management
  • Strategic Marketing Planning

III. Scientific seminars

IV. Practice

V. Master Thesis


  • instrumental competences: cognitive, methodological, technological and linguistic abilities;
  • interpersonal competences: individual abilities like social skills (social interaction and cooperation);
  • system competences: abilities and skills concerning whole system (combination of understanding, sensibility and knowledge; prior acquisition of instrumental and interpersonal competences required).

Research work:

Analysis of information in the field of international economics.

  • Qualification (degree) – Master in Economics
  • Study form – Full time. Admission is gained upon covering the tuition on the contract line
  • Period of studies – 2 years
  • Tuition – 250 th. RUB a year

First steps to the universityChoose the program you'd like to take at our University. See deadline information.Send the copy of your international passport and the copy of educational documents in English or Russian language to an admission officer by e-mail: IDPotapenko@mesi.ruNoteInna D. Potapenko (Head of Support Department)Tel. +7(495) 442-71-33Working days: Mon - FriWorking hours: 9.00 - 18.00 (local time - GMT+04:00)

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