Environmental Studies

Study mode:On campus Study type:Full-time Languages: English
Foreign:$ 600 / Year(s) Deadline: Feb 27, 2024
1001+ place StudyQA ranking:2211 Duration:36 months You need IELTS certificate

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The Faculty of Natural Sciences (FNS) is presently one of the largest Faculties of Comenius University, in both the number of staff members and students.

Bachelor study program "Environmental Studies" in English is one of the few study programs created by the needs of the labor market. This program provides education in a world language which constitutes an essential communication tool both in multinational companies as well as international research teams. Summary of the study program "Environmental Studies" consists of integrating interdisciplinary scientific disciplines useful for the needs of the knowledge society in the international arena. This greatly differs from the single-subject bachelor study programs that do not provide a sufficiently broad basis for interdisciplinary approaches needed to practice. Graduates of the study program "Environmental Studies" will understand the characteristics and attributes of the components of the environment including humans. They also gain knowledge in interdisciplinary fields of study characterizing the basic biotic and abiotic components of the landscape such as botany, geology, zoology, geography, pedology, and hydrology. Their successors further improve their knowledge in the field of ecology, landscape ecology, biodiversity, chemistry, geochemistry, and protection of natural resources. Attention is also paid to environmental planning, sustainable development, and risk assessment of geological hazards. Graduates will be prepared for work-oriented rational land use, sustainable development, production and environmental protection, and geohazards assessment geopotential country as well as the preparation and implementation of projects related to geological, hydrological, biological and geographical environment components. A comprehensive study of basic subjects of natural sciences will allow graduates to be familiar with environment and be able to predict its development, especially in relation to human intervention in the environment. Graduated further acquire basic knowledge on the functioning and administration of the company, the needs and possibilities of the environment, learn the basics of management and legislation in force in geology in environmental protection. It can be applied in executing professional tasks in the field of protection and land use and nature.

Graduates of the study program Environmental Studies receive the following skills:

- Good theoretical education in botany, ecology, zoology, geology, hydrogeology, soil science, geochemistry, chemistry, geography and computing;

- Solving scientific problems on a multidisciplinary level;

- Ability to evaluate obtained data correctly;

- Basic principles of intellectual property protection;

- Work with literature and electronic database;

- Professional English at a high level.

The Bachelor study programme Biological Chemistry is able to competently perform work of a technical nature with some degree of autonomy. Graduates have a good theoretical and practical knowledge of fundamental biological and chemical disciplines, including the basics of physics, mathematics, bioinformatics and biostatistics. Graduates are able to use selected methods of biological and chemical disciplines enabling them to work with devices and biological materials in basic and applied research and manufacturing practices. Graduates can apply conventional biological and chemical methods in their laboratory research. A Bachelor has the knowledge and skills in research methods at different levels of organization of living systems. Graduates can apply for a position at a wide range of departments within the Slovak Academy of Sciences, universities, health sector, agriculture and forestry, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, and environment. The international character of the programme in combination with English as the main language of instruction qualifies the graduate for employment in a multinational environment. Graduates may also continue in their master studies at Comenius University or abroad.

Bachelor study program "Environmental Studies" in English brings many benefits to its graduates. One of them is more likely success in the labor market in multinational groups and companies with foreign participation after graduation. Graduates will also improve opportunities in international institutions and employment opportunities abroad. The study raises the possibility of involvement in international mobility, respectively gives the possibility to study the subsequent levels of higher education (master, doctorate) at leading foreign educational and scientific institutions. In addition, it allows continuing the study at the graduate level at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, in a wide range of study programs of Geology, Geography, and Environmental Science departments.

Detailed Course Facts

Application deadline 27.February Tuition fee
  • EUR 600 Year (Non-EEA)
Start date September 2015 Duration full-time 36 months Languages Take an IELTS test
  • English
Delivery mode On Campus Educational variant Full-time

Course Content



Successful pass out of entrance exams from Biology, Chemistry, Geography in English

Work Experience

No work experience is required.

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