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Global E-Business

Study mode:On campus Study type:Full-time Languages: English
Local:$ 265 / Year(s) Foreign:$ 265 / Year(s)  
StudyQA ranking:1676 Duration:12 months


The future manager will solve complex organizational problems due to Webmethods implementation, in a flexible and responsive way. Technology is now fully integrated in the business world; managers need to develop digital strategies to increase competitiveness. Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) have changed deeply companys behaviour. New opportunities appear which require new skills and immediate adaptation to the business environment in order to catch new sources of profit.

These changes mean a new organizational template inside companies and consequently, new relations with their partners. Inside the company, ICT and Business Process Management (BPM) bring new models and new practices of business management. With the customers and the suppliers, the relations are changing.

Supply Chain Management (SCM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) have become the fundamentals tools of E-Business and Business Process Management.

* The Master Global E-Business in four steps * Integration and management of IT in organizations,
* Creation of new process to improve performance,
* Strategy of ICT companies in a global context,
* The business process management

* A Technical & Managerial mix The Global E-Business is an interdisciplinary program, which joins the strengths of TELECOM LILLE1 - School of Telecoms and the University of Lille 1, including a training period (3 months minimum in France or preferably abroad). This program prepares future business leaders to manage fully integrated IT into their business world. The curriculum is divided in two fields: Business fundamentals and Information & Communication Technologies.
* To conclude The Global Master e-Business allows students to develop dual skills as well as effective leadership. The Master Global E-Business incorporates network technologies and a wide range of learning methods such as case studies, joint action project, seminar and theoretical overview. More than a general idea of the ICT tools, the global E-business analyzes business process management and Webmethods solutions for the companies. The link between business and ICT is the cornerstone of the program.

* Introduction to data processing - 2 ECTS - 30h
* Introduction to Information System (IS) and DataBase (DB) - 2 ECTS - 36h
* Data mining & E-commerce - 2 ECTS - 30h
* Introduction to computer networks 2 ECTS - 30h
ERP SAP modules - 2 ECTS - 24h
* Multidimensional Project Management - 2 ECTS - 30h
* International Negociation - 2 ECTS - 24h
* Intercultural communication and relations -
2 ECTS - 30h
* Competitive intelligence - 2 ECTS - 18h
* E-business security - 2 ECTS - 18h
* CyberMarketing (CRM, international strategy) - 2 ECTS - 36h
* Ethics business & Corporate Social Responsibility - 1 ECTS - 24h
* Supply Chain Management & E-logistic 3 ECTS - 60h
* Internet & ICT law - 1 ECTS - 24h
* International finance - 2 ECTS - 24h
* New technologies: strategies of development and stakes (conferences) - 1 ECTS - 18h

* Intership and Projects - 30 ECTS

A four-year undergraduate degree in the fields of either computer sciences, information technology, telecommunications, international management, economics.English ProficiencyThe required IELTS score is 6,5.French ProficiencyNot required but survival French is welcomed for better integration in French life. English Language Requirements IELTS band: 6.5
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