Health Informatics

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During their healthcare journey patients may interact with a range of services and electronic systems that need to work effectively to provide quality care. These may include mobile devices (mhealth), monitoring and communication systems (telehealth), hospital and community electronic health records (EHR’s) and government systems. However there is a shortage of professionals who understand the needs of clinical staff to develop effective health informatics IT tools. The Master of Health Informatics addresses this demand. It’s aimed at IT graduates and IT professionals interested in the latest developments and trends in the area. Graduates may work in many different sectors including the healthcare software industry, hospitals or district health boards, government, private healthcare providers, non-governmental organisations or primary health organisations.

  • Duration: 1 1/2 years full-time / 3 years part-time
  • Starting date: 18 July 


To qualify for the Master of Health Informatics, a student must complete 180 points. The core papers and electives take one year to complete. The final part of the programme is a one semester applied research project, which may be in collaboration with health sector organisations and research groups at AUT.

COMP802 Health Information Standards (15 points)
COMP803  Clinical Information Systems and the Electronic Health Record (15 points)
COMP804 Health Analytics (15 points)
COMP805 Health Informatics and the Health Sector (15 points)
COMP811 Research Methods I (15 points)

SELECT an additional 3 papers (45 points) as electives from:
COMP809 Data Mining and Machine Learning (15 points)
COMP813 Artificial Intelligence (15 points)
COMP816 Autoidentification (15 points)
COMP821 Information Security (15 points)
INFS804 eSystems Design and Development (15 points)
INFS807 Readings (15 points)

Or any other postgraduate paper with the approval of the programme leader.

And a 60 point (1 semester) research project
COMP997 Applied Research Project (60 points)

Entry requirements

Completed a relevant bachelor's degree with a B grade average or higher in papers at level 7.

In exceptional circumstances an applicant who does not meet the requirements  above but who has an appropriate combination of academic and professional experience may be considered for admission subject to completion of any relevant prerequisite papers.

Guidelines to entry


Study abroad fees at AUT University: what you'll pay

2016 fees per semester in NZ dollars

  • Tuition fee for Study Abroad: NZ$12,500 per semester
  • Enrolment fee: NZ$150
  • Learner services levy: NZ$320.08 per 60 points
  • Placement fee (internship option only): NZ$800
  • AUT Insurance Premium: NZ$294.50 per semester

Other compulsory fees (in addition to tuition fees)

  • 2016 Compulsory Student Services Fee - $573.30 for 120 points or $4.77 per academic point (GST incl)
  • 2016 Building Levy- $66.85 for 120 points or $0.56 per academic point (GST incl)
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