International Humanitarian Ties

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The master's Programme International Humanitarian Ties was launched at the School of International Relations of St. Petersburg State University in 2003. The Programme is quite unique, for no other university in Russia offers any master's programmes with a simmilar focus. Its value resides with the prominence of such phenomena as international humanitarian cooperation in the contemporary international relations and the effect of the humanitarian factor in the development of multilateral or bilateral dialogues.

The Programme is enjoying a dynamic growth, attracting a considerable interest from perspective undergraduate students.

The creative team of instructors of the Programme strive to develope own unique approaches to the course building. In particular, under the aegis of the Department, study guides have been written and published specifically for the Programme.

Main courses:

  • Methodology of Research in the field of International Cultural Integration;
  • Topical Issues of the International Cultural Exchange;
  • Problems in the study of Foreign Cultural Policies of states;
  • Political Aspects of International Human Rights Protection;
  • Main Methodological Problems in the study of the European Educational Dimension.

Also, as part of the Programme, there are courses that focus on the most relevant aspects of the current humanitarian exchange, e.g. international sports movement, international tourism, international organizations in the field of Health Care and Public Health, humanitarian problems during ethnic and religious conflicts, the level of influence of the city of St. Petersburg on Russia's foreign cultural policy, the city's international ties, the analysis of the activities of such national Cultural Centers as the Goethe Institute, the French Institute, and etc.

The Programme is aimed at turning out fine experts who possess organizational skills and the ability to communicate, capable to provide analytical consulting, information support and training to people in executive positions and public office, and to non-governmental organizations involved in international cooperation in the fields of culture, sports, science and education, as well as able to conduct scientific research within the field of the related subjects.

Admissions of Russian and foreign citizens are arranged in accordance with the "Rules of admission to St. Petersburg State University for the major educational programs of higher education (undergraduate programs, training programs, graduate programs) in 2014". There are admission quota financed by the federal budget, as well as the fee-paying quota based on contracts with individuals and / or entities.

Admissions of foreign citizens 
International applicants can be admitted to SPbU both to places on a fee-paying (contractual) basis and places funded by the Russian Government (on references from the Russian Federation Ministry of Education).

International applicants can be admitted to SPbU both to places on a fee-paying (contractual) basis and to places funded by the Russian Government (Scholarship includes tuition fee).

Admission procedure on a fee-paying (contractual) basis includes entry examinations for foreign applicants.

List of the required documents for application:

1.application form for an educational programm of the relevant level, stated by an Admission Committee;

2.educational certificate/diploma* (or its notarized copy) and its transcript (in case it is provided bu the legal system of a foreighn state that issued the certificate/diploma);

3.copy of identity document;

4.copy of entry visa to the Russian Federation (if there is one);

5.copy of migration card;

6."Stay Regulations for Foreighn Citizens in Russian Federation" sighned;

7.4 (four) photographs 3z4 sm.


How to apply:

1.To register at the Personal Account on the website of Admission Office;

2.To fill an application form for an educational program;

3.Signed application with other documents submit by one of the following ways:

-          attach at the Personal Account,

-          in person,

-          by post.


Deadline for application in 2015:

  • April 01 - August 10: for applicants not requiring an entry visa
  • April 01 - July 10: for applicants requiring an entry visa

Periods for the admissions tests in 2015:

  • May 5 – 19;
  • June 15 – 30;
  • July 13 – 24;
  • August 03 – 17.

*The educational certificate needs to be

  • legalised if required
  • recognized in the Russian Federation (to have either a recognition certificate or an equivalence certificate if required)

List and Forms of 2015 Admissions Tests for Main Master Programmes at St. Petersburg State University

Requirements for documents 2014

As specified in the Governmental decree of Russian Federation (October, 8 2013 № 891"On Fixing an Education Quota for Foreign Nationals and Stateless Citizens in the Russian Federation"), foreign citizens are provided an opportunity to take part in an Competition for state-funded educational places at Universities in Russian Federation, including SPbU (funded from the budget of Russian Federation). Information about order of admission will be available on this page in the terms defined by the Government of the Russian Federation.

Full information on the rules and admission process for undergraduate and graduate programs can be found on the official website of St. Petersburg State University Admissions Commission:

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