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Whether your goal is a higher qualification or simply intellectual stimulation and personal enrichment, the Master of Letters at CQUniversity provides a flexible program of postgraduate study. It is an opportunity to engage in structured reading, research and writing on topics of your choice under the guidance of an individual supervisor. The program incorporates a range of study areas from film studies, history, creative writing to literary and cultural studies. The program is available by distance education enabling you to study at home and balance your work, family and study commitments.

The program provides not only a postgraduate qualification at the masters coursework level but, because it is 50% research, acts as an entry qualification to full research masters and PhDs across a number of discipline areas. The aim of this highly flexible program is to fulfil both your personal and higher educational goals at the full research level. Our program will also equip you with an improved capacity for problem-solving and lifelong learning.

Career Opportunities

If, like most graduates of the Master of Letters, you are already in an established career you can use this postgraduate qualification for either personal fulfillment or to validate your practice and make you more attractive to potential university and other tertiary education employers.

Program Structure

You are required to complete four courses and a dissertation from one of seven topic areas:

* Creative Writing
* Film
* History
* Liberal Studies
* Literature
* Media Studies
* Visual Culture.

Each of the four coursework courses require the completion of written work of 5 000 words in length. The dissertation requires a 15 000 to 20 000 word written piece.

This program is available if you have a degree from a recognised higher education institution and have achieved a grade point average of at least five. If you wish to specialise in the history stream, you must have previously completed relevant undergraduate study or equivalent experience in this area.English RequirementsIf you have English as your second language (international or domestic students born outside of Australia, Canada, NZ, UK, Ireland, South Africa or USA), you need to meet different English language proficiency requirements depending on the level of study and/or program you wish to undertake. English Language Requirements IELTS band: 6.5
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