Aviation and Tourism Management

Study mode:On campus Study type:Full-time Languages: English
Deadline: Apr 30, 2024
StudyQA ranking:1880 Duration:2 years You need IELTS certificate
This study programme was created for current and future executives with an international outlook who wish to improve their career chances. Typical participants are already working in the aviation or tourism sector - for airlines, airports, hotels, travel agencies, air traffic control organisations, forwarding and handling agents, integrators, aircraft manufacturers, service companies, and consultants. The course is also of interest to executives in professional associations, high ranking civil servants, and specialists working for government agencies at a regional or national level.

Please note that the programme is also open to persons holding a non-business degree, e.g., engineers, natural scientists, mathematicians, social scientists, and members of the legal profession.

Professionals with a minimum of five years work experience and no first academic degree can qualify for the programme by taking an extensive aptitude test.

Students complete 14 different modules in three clusters:

Module cluster 1: General MBA
Module cluster 2: Aviation and Tourism
Module cluster 3: Electives

In the Master's programme, theory and practice are closely linked:
Transfer of scientific theory into practice. Among other things students will acquire an understanding of the methods used in conducting empirical social/market research, in carrying out international consultancy projects and in completing the Master's thesis.
Reflection of one's own professional experience based on lectures, case studies, and projects
Excursions to various places and institutions, e.g., meeting with EU lobbyists in Brussels, airport tours in Frankfurt (Germany)

Modern teaching methods in small groups guarantee practice-oriented and research-based learning: projects and case studies, e-learning, working together in teams, small groups under the leadership of highly qualified teaching staff, cooperation with universities in other countries, holistic approach (encouraging feedback, acquiring specialist skills and furthering personal development).

Educational organisation

International applicants are welcome. In order to make things easier for students based abroad, the programme is organised in two presence blocks with a total of 23 days in semesters one to three. To prepare students for international assignments, this programme is conducted in English.

The study concept has as a starting point the individual definition of learning targets regarding knowledge, skills and personal values based on a 360° feedback. Students apply and extend their know-how and skills by using various didactic methods e.g. teamwork, expert lectures, online/offline self-study phases, work practice, role play, presentations, and research papers. Management Mentors will support their personal and leadership development.
This is a part-time programme.

Modules include the following:

First semester:
  • Management Competencies I: Introduction to the Study Programme, Academic Methods and Presentation Skills
  • Research Methods and Project Management: Project Management, Quantitative Research
  • Fundamentals of Tourism Management and Intercultural and Innovation Management
  • Elective Aviation: Safety Management Systems: Safety and Security
  • Elective Tourism: Strategic Tourism Management I: Strategic Destination Management, Strategic Tour Operation Management
  • Strategic Management and Airline Management: Strategic Airline Management, Strategic Management

Second semester:
  • Management Competencies I: Rhetorical Skills, Press Management and Media Communications
  • Corporate Management I: Strategic Marketing & Sales, Information Systems Management
  • Leadership and the Legal and Regulatory Framework: Talent Management, Leadership and Labour Law, Legal and Regulatory Framework of the Aviation and Tourism industry
  • Applied Research Project: International Research and Consulting Project in the Aviation and Tourism industry

Third semester:
  • Management Competencies II: Work-Life Balance and Networking
  • Logistics: Operations Management, Supply Chain Management
  • Corporate Management II: Corporate Finance, Management Accounting
  • Economic and Environmental Basis: Applied Regional Analysis and Spatial Economics, Sustainability Management in the Aviation and Tourism industry
  • Elective Aviation Management: Strategic Air Traffic and Airport Management: Strategic Air Traffic Management, Strategic Airport Management
  • Elective Tourism: Strategic Business Travel Management, Strategic Tourism Marketing and E-Business

Fourth semester:
  • Management Competencies II: Lobbying and Feedback Seminar
  • Master's thesis and colloquium

Study abroad unit(s)

Two modules will be held at the partner universities abroad:
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Florida, USA and
University of Huddersfield, UK

Forms of assessment

Written exams, papers, presentations

Course objectives

The MBA programme "Aviation and Tourism Management" qualifies professionals for challenging and demanding management and leadership positions in the aviation and tourism industry.

After successful completion of the study programme, graduates master relevant corporate functions and understand their interdependence and importance for a successful management of a company. They have the ability to develop, manage, and lead projects and inspire confidence in their team to implement new visions and strategies. In particular, they are competent in providing ethical leadership in international and globalised settings, dealing with diverse cultures and implementing national and international strategies in local as well as globalised markets. They are excellent negotiators and communicators and able to take decisions with incomplete or limited information, reflecting on social and ethical responsibilities. They have learnt to think in an analytical and conceptual way, manage their time, and structure their work and the work of their teams in an efficient and effective manner.
Furthermore, they are capable of analysing, defining, and evaluating market segments, international trends, and demands of the aviation and tourism industry. They recognise key success factors and market potentials and can identify, develop, and implement concepts and processes in strategic aviation and tourism management areas. In their decision making process, they consider the legal and regulatory framework of the industry as well as safety concerns and security regulations.
The programme improves the graduates' academic skills and provides them with tools to enhance their study and learning skills so they will be able to follow the technological and academic development for life or to continue their studies to earn a doctorate. They will be in the vanguard of implementing new methods and technologies.

Graduates also qualify to enter a university PhD degree programme.

Language requirements

Good command of English (TOEFL 87 points, IELTS band 6.5, or comparable language tests)

Academic requirements

  • First academic degree
  • minimum of two years of professional experience in the aviation or tourism industry
  • exceptional professional achievements documented by a letter of recommendation (usually from the respective company)
  • cover letter stating the applicant's reasons for wanting to participate in the programme
  • curriculum vitae listing relevant projects, work results, and additional qualifications (seminars and training programmes)
  • good command of English (TOEFL 87 points, IELTS band 6.5, or comparable language tests)
  • You can submit your TOEFL/IELTS results while attending the programme.
  • personal interview

Enrolment fees

The enrolment fee currently amounts to 350 EUR per semester. This includes a semester ticket covering public transport in the Frankfurt metropolitan area.

Costs of living

Approx. 1,000 EUR, depending on accommodation costs and lifestyle

Job opportunities

International students are allowed to work for 120 full days a year.
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