Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

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The mission of the M.Sc in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering is to promote scholarly research leading to discovery, learning and innovation according to international standards of excellence, in the broader discipline of MME, as well as in related multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary fields. The graduate programes are research oriented in order to support andstrengthen the research and educational activities of theDepartment and theUniversity. The research focuses on areas that serve the interests of Cypriot society, by identifying and providing solutions to local issues and by promoting opportunities for local development and improvement of life in Cyprus.

This Master Programme emphasizes fundamental principles and laboratory practice that prepare young engineers concerned with the challenges of continuing to meet society´s needs in a rapidly changing environment. They undertake conceptualization, design, analysis, and investigation in an academic environment that is based on cooperation between faculty, students, industry, research, and professional organisations. The students study in a dynamic environment and have the opportunity to work with and learn from research teams at the forefront of knowledge.

Duration: The minimum period of study for full-time students is three (3) academic semesters and the maximum period of study is eight (8) academic semesters.

The postgraduate programmes of each department are supervised by a three-member Postgraduate Programmes Committee, chaired by a Postgraduate Programmes Coordinator. The Coordinator may be the chairperson of the department or a member of the academic staff appointed by the chairperson. The other members of the committee are appointed by the Departmental Board. The Committee is appointed for a two-year term. For every student in the Postgraduate Programme, the department appoints an Academic Supervisor, whereas at the research stage of the Ph.D. a Research Supervisor is appointed. Candidate students select a member of the academic staff to act as their Research Supervisor. The student´s choice must be approved by the Postgraduate Programmes Coordinator. The Research Supervisor guides the students in their research and provides the necessary help and advice.

The programme of study leading to the M.Sc. degree in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering requires the completion of at least of 120 ECTS in graduate level courses
(beyond any taken for the Bachelors degree) and research work distributed as follows:

o Coursework related to theM.Sc. programme (40 ECTS)

- Graduate courses in MME (24 ECTS)
- Graduate courses in/outside MME (16 ECTS)

o Thesis Research (MME 701-704) (60 ECTS)

o Graduate Seminar I-IV (MME 501-4) 4

o Selection of at least one of the following 16

- Additional coursework
- Independent Study (MME 505-6)


MSc Thesis WorkAn original research study and a thesis are required for the M.Sc. degree. The subject of the student's research is chosen in consultation with his/her advisor. The student must submit and defend a thesis proposal at least 2 semesters before the intended date of graduation. Upon written approval of the proposal by the advisor, the MME Department will appoint a thesis committee, which will consist of the student's advisor and two additional members with related research interests. The student's advisor will be the chairperson and coordinator of the thesis committee. Midway towards the completion of his/her research the student must submit a progress report to the committee members for feedback. Upon successful completion of his/her research, the student must write an appropriate thesis and submit a draft to the committee for feedback. When the thesis is complete, the student must present his/her work in front of an open audience. This audience can be the graduate seminar attendees or a wider attendance. After the presentation, the student must defend his/her work to the thesis committee. If the defence is satisfactory, the thesis committee will sign the thesis and submit two original copies, one for the Department records, and one for the Library. An electronic version of the thesis in PDF format will also be submitted for the Department records and for dissemination. If the thesis is rejected, the candidate is entitled to request a repetition of the thesis one more time. In this case, the timing and terms of the resubmission of the thesis are determined by the thesis committee.

Admission to the Master of Science ProgrammeApplicants to the M.Sc. programme must possess the equivalent of a B.Sc. degree in Mechanical and/or Manufacturing Engineering, or in a related field of science or engineering, from the University of Cyprus or other accredited institution orprogramme.Candidates must submit an application form to the Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering within the announced time limits. All applications are evaluated by the Graduate Studies Committee of the MME Department, which makes suggestions to the Council of the Department for final approval of the selected candidates. The applicants to the M.Sc. programme are selected according to the following criteria, while the MME Department reserves its right to fill only as manyannounced graduate student positions as the Department deems appropriate:o Quality of the applicant´s background in breadth and depth, and past performance in his/her undergraduate or graduate studieso Evidence of ability for original and innovative research in the proposed area of studyo Relevance of the proposed field of research to the interests of the department, the University and the societyo Availability of graduate positions in the programme and the necessary infrastructure and resources to support the proposed M.Sc. work
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