Mechanics and Advanced Materials

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The mission of the Institute is to develop, validate and verify reliable models alongside robust, accurate and efficient simulation tools to describe and understand complex non-linear systems, both natural and engineered, on a wide range of spatial and temporal scales, with an emphasis on advanced materials and structures.

In order to address this challenge, the vision of the world-class team of theoretical and computational mechanics researchers in the Institute is to, over the next 5 years:

* Develop novel approaches to model and simulate systems from the atomistic to the continuum level with a special emphasis on multiscale fracture, contact, friction and adhesion
* Consolidate the development of advanced discretisation techniques to tackle non-equilibrium problems involving moving discontinuities, singularities and strong topological changes (extended and generalized finite elements, meshless/meshfree methods, lattice and molecular dynamics)
* Construct solution algorithms capable of handling very large non-linear (eigenvalue) problems with controlled computational cost
* Focus on multi-phase, multi-scale and multi-field materials, in particular: (bio)composites, nano/micro-electronics materials
* Propose real-time and interactive simulation tools for computational steering and surgical simulation through e.g. model order reduction algorithms
* Study Nature to inspire the design of new materials and structures
* Investigate novel approaches to achieve predefined accuracy levels for highly non-linear problems
* Develop novel algorithms, sustainable and open-source software with professional developers to harness the soaring computing power available for massively parallel simulations to prepare for exascale computing (2017).


The main research areas include:

* Advanced Materials and Computational Mechanics

* Tribology and Contact Mechanics

* Aerospace Engineering

* Automotive Engineering

* Sustainable manufacturing

* Advanced manufacturing technologies

* Micro/nano manufacturing

* Intelligent and knowledge based systems

* Smart systems


Suitable for graduates in civil or mechanical engineering, physics or mathematics.


Cardiff University has committed to invest a total of £500,000 in this high value competitive scholarship scheme to support Home and EU students who are planning to start an eligible full-time master programme.

The Scholarships are each worth a minimum of £3,000 and will be awarded in the form of a tuition fee discount.

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