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Deadline: May 1, 2022
43 place StudyQA ranking:1164 Duration:4 years

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Neuroscience has become an extremely exciting field during the last decade: important milestone discoveries about the nervous system have been made, and new technologies have become available. Despite these advances, it is still a mystery how the brain works!

The EPFL PhD Program in Neuroscience (EDNE) provides its students with training from the genetic to the behavioural level including:

  • molecular,
  • cellular,
  • cognitive,
  • computational neuroscience, and
  • neuroprosthetics.

Students matriculate in the highly dynamic and interdisciplinary environment of the EPFL, in the Brain Mind Institute (School of Life Sciences), in the Human Brain Project, in the Center for Neuroprosthetics or in other research groups affiliated to our Program.

There is a close cooperation between our program and the Neuroscience programs of the Universities of Geneva and Lausanne (LN Doctoral School). 

Below are some remarks and recommended courses: 

  • Neuroscience Upgrade Master courses (mandatory if announced at the enrollment)
  • Neurosciences I : molecular neuroscience and neurodegeneration (BIO-480)
  • Neurosciences II : cellular mechanisms of brain function (BIO-482)
  • Neurosciences III : behavioral and cognitive neuroscience (BIO-483)

More Master courses recommended to the EDNE students

  • Understanding Statistics and Experimental design (BIO-449) - No form needed for this one!The usual email with cc to your thesis director will do!
  • Analysis and Modelling of Locomotion (BIOEN-404)
  • Signal Processing for Functional Brain Imaging (MICRO-513)
  • Chemical Biology (CH-412)
  • Biological modeling of neural networks (BIO-465)
  • Computational Motor Control (CS-432)
  • Fundamentals of Neuroengineering (BIOENG-448)
  • Sensorimotor Neuroprosthetics (BIOENG-486)

  • Training (no ECTS) proposed by the SV Technology Platforms

  • EPFL courses on  transferable skills (for PhD students)
  • EPFL Language Center - Special language skills - New courses - Registration directly to the Language Center - NO ECTS!

Other EPFL PhD program courses we recommend 

  • EDBB - Biotechnology and Bioengineering
  • EDMS - Molecular Life Sciences

Advanced Microscopy for Life Science (BIO-659) - See Dr Arne Seitz for the registration process

  • EDCH - Chemical engineering
  • EDEE -  Electrical Engineering
  • EDIC - Computer, Communication and Information Sciences
  • EDMT - Management of Technology
  • EDPO - Photonics
  • EDPY - Physics 
  • Check out the open positions (see below)
  • On-line application here.  
  • Please select a minimum of 3 up to a maximum of five (5) Labs of interest on the on-line application. This is mandatory for our selection process. 
  • If your dossier is reviewed positively by the PhD program commission members, you will be selected to participate in the Hiring Days. (January  25th to 27th 2017)
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